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Upload your files to the Creatives tab

After you've added a creative, continue to the Manage Files screen and upload the files that power your ad.

You can also add files already uploaded to the "Assets" tab to your creative. See the Asset Library getting started guide to learn more.

Upload files

  1. In the Manage Files step, click Add  to choose creative files from Asset Library, or Select files Select files to select creative files from your computer.
    1. Select one HTML file.
    2. Select any images, fonts, videos, audio, or other files loaded by the HTML file. Supported file types
    3. Select a backup image (except for interstitial creatives, which don't use backup images). Supported file types: PNG, JPG, and GIF.
  2. Select files to upload and click Open. To save time, select multiple files at once.
  3. Click Next to proceed to Step 3: Edit Events.

Assigning the backup image and primary files

  • If you upload multiple image files, the first one is automatically assigned as the backup image.
  • You can reassign the backup image by clicking Use as backup image in the Type column.
  • When you upload a file that contains the Enabler, that file is marked as a primary file.
Copy a creative

You can copy files from one creative to another to speed up your workflow. The process only applies to creatives assigned to the same advertiser.

  1. In the Manage Files screen (Step 2 of the Creatives tab workflow), select the files you want to copy by checking the boxes next to their names.
  2. Click the Copy link next to the creative header.
  3. In the Copy dialog box, enter the Campaign name you want to copy to, or search for it.
  4. Enter a name for the copied creative.
  5. Click Save.
File size limits

The file size limit for most creative assets (images, audio, HTML, CSS, data files, JavaScript, etc.) is 10 MB.

Video files are limited to 100 MB for upload and 60 MB for serving (except OGV files, which are limited to 10 MB). If your assets are larger than this limit, contact support for help, or your videos may not serve. Large video files may need to be hosted differently to ensure optimal performance.

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