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Publish creatives to QA

After previewing your creative, proceed to the Publish step of the Creatives tab workflow and publish the creative to begin the QA testing process. You can publish multiple creatives at a time within the same campaign.

The Publish step includes a list of creatives in the campaign, with the current creative on top, plus the format type and the creative's dimensions and status.

Submit creatives to your own QA team or partner

Follow these steps to work with your own QA team or a creative partner for quality assurance (QA) testing:

Step 1: Publish to QA

  1. Select the creatives to send to QA.
  2. If it's checked, uncheck the "Send a notification to Studio's QA team" option.
  3. (Optional) Add the email address or addresses of your own QA team.
  4. Enter your QA team member's email address in the Notify field. In the CC field, enter any other email addresses (such as traffickers) that you want notified when the creatives are published.
  5. Click Publish to QA to change the status of creatives to Published and start the QA testing process.

Note: Your QA team can only review creatives with a status of Published. If you publish a creative to QA and then edit it, the creative returns to a status of In development, and QA can't review it.

Step 2: Your QA team tests the creatives

  1. Your QA team tests the creatives. In order to complete QA testing, you'll need "External QA" permissions for your Studio user account.
    1. For tips on testing, follow the QA guidelines
    2. Refer to the QA checklists.
  2. Your QA team emails you when the review is complete.
  3. Notes can be added about issues that need to be fixed.
  4. A warning icon  appears next to creatives that can't be published. Hover over the warning icon for more information.
  5. If there are issues to resolve, repeat the process until all creatives are approved.

Step 3: Approve and publish creatives

After QA review is complete, your QA team can use the QA options button to approve and publish creatives. The available options are:

  • Approve: Marks the selected creatives as "QA approved".
  • Approve and Submit: Approves the selected creatives and submits them to the associated Campaign Manager 360 or Google Ad Manager account.
  • Submit Approved: Submits all the QA Approved creatives in the current campaign to the associated Campaign Manager 360 or Ad Manager account, and marks them as "Trafficked".

If you're pushing a creative that was previously submitted to Campaign Manager 360 or Ad Manager, the trafficker will be notified by email that an updated version of the creative is available. For more information, see Different versions of the same creative.

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