How rich media works


After the QA team and the creative agency approve creatives, they're pushed to the Trafficking component of DCM. If the creative team enters a trafficker's email address in DoubleClick Studio, the trafficker gets an email notification about the submission of these creatives.

When creatives are pushed to DCM, they appear in the Advertiser tab of the creative inventory. To traffic them in a campaign, you must import the creatives from the Advertiser tab to the Campaign.

  1. Open the campaign in DCM and select the Creatives tab.
  2. Click New and select Add from advertiser.
  3. Checkmark the DoubleClick Studio creatives you want to traffic and click Add.

If you can't find the creative in your advertiser in DCM, search for the platform ID in the relevant advertiser. The platform ID in the email sent from Studio is the creative ID in DCM.

Tag export: Once you're ready to generate tags for placements that have your creatives, we re recommend that you send internal redirect tags (for DFP sites) and JavaScript/standard tags. Do not send iframe tags, standard tags, or click-tracker tags.

An iframe solution is available for any site that runs only iframe tags. DoubleClick's services teams can work with the sites to correctly implement an iframe solution.

DCM publisher-paid campaigns
  • You can set up publisher-paid campaigns via contract or insertion order (IO). Please contact your sales or account manager and provide these details:
    • Impression level
    • Creative type
    • Creative size
    • Site
    • Site contact
    • Placement name
  • When setting up the campaign in DCM, you must check Pub-Paid at the site placement level and at the ad level.
  • When setting up the campaign in MediaVisor, you must check Pub-Paid. The user can edit the placement's publisher-paid setting, unless it meets one of these conditions:
    • the proposal is in a locked state (Approved, Sent, or Received)
    • the placement has ads assigned to it in DCM
    • the placement has impressions or clicks delivered in DCM
  • If the user tries to modify the setting and export to DCM, this error message appear in MediaVisor: "Publisher-Paid status of a site placement cannot be changed if it is assigned to one or more non-default ads or has some clicks and impressions registered."
You must select a Rich Media billing method before you export a publisher-paid site placement to DCM Trafficking. Once you export the placement, the option is disabled.

See also Rich Media tag pickup instructions.

DCM publisher-paid campaigns

Traffickers with DCM access can check this article for steps to set up publisher-paid campaigns in DCM.

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