How rich media works


Is there a way to download or extract files from Studio?
Yes. In the Creatives tab, select your creative. Click the "Download ZIP" button next to the creative name Image of the Download ZIP button next to the creative name in Studio.

What if the media agency is trafficking in an account that isn't enabled for the creative inventory?
To traffic Rich Media creatives, the Campaign Manager account must be enabled for Rich Media. To confirm if this is the case, contact your Studio sales associate.

What are Studio's timelines?
You can learn everything you need to know at Timelines.

How do I confirm that the association/broken association was successful on both ends (Studio and Campaign Manager)?
The association is considered successful once it's entered into Campaign Manager Trafficking. In the Studio Web UI, there are several places where you can tell whether a client level has been associated with a Campaign Manager advertiser. An association can be broken on the Campaign Manager side or the Studio side.

If the media agency breaks a Studio client association, what happens?
Previously pushed creatives aren't affected and remain in the Campaign Manager account. The creative agency must link its Studio client to a new Campaign Manager advertiser to push creatives in the future.
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