Live issues

About live issues

A live issue is when an ad is broken or behaving in an unwanted way when it is serving in a live ad placement on a publisher site or app. For example, when an expanding ad doesn't close when the close button is clicked.

Common causes for live issues:

  • Trafficking: Incorrect setup of the ad in Campaign Manager Trafficking or Google Ad Manager.
  • Publisher site code: A conflict between the site code and the ad tag.
  • Creative issue: An error in the build of the ad.

How to use this guide 

Use this guide to address live issues that occur after an ad has gone through Studio production and Studio QA approval. It's a good idea to review this information before you launch a rich media campaign, so you're familiar with common issues and can ideally prevent them.

If you're here to resolve a live issue, first confirm that all traffic settings are correct. If the issue persists, start with the troubleshooters section to identify and help resolve your issue.

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