Get started with Studio

Get started with Studio

What is rich media?

A rich media display ad contains images or video and encourages viewers to interact beyond a simple click. Rich media ads can expand, play high-definition videos, let users tweet, shop, play games, and more. All of these interactions come with rich reporting capabilities so you can understand how viewers interact with your ad.

The technology is more complex to create rich media than to create a standard ad, and Studio helps you manage this complexity. It's an end-to-end system that lets you create, preview, test, serve, and pull reports on your rich media ads.

What is Studio?

Studio is a tool that creative agencies can use to make rich media creatives.

It has two parts: a software development kit (SDK) that helps you build rich media creatives quickly and easily, and a web-based workflow tool that allows you to preview and test creatives and send them to clients for ad serving.

  • Google Web Designer and the Studio SDK
    The Studio SDK includes the Enabler, the core library that helps you build creative features and apply tracking elements. The Studio SDK is fully integrated with Google Web Designer, so you can use Google Web Designer components in your creative without adding any extra code.

    For example, if you want a video to play inside your creative, instead of spending hours developing a custom video player, you can drag and drop Google Web Designer's video component into your creative, adding video and controls--all in a matter of minutes. And when you use Google Web Designer components, video interactions are automatically tracked so you can tell how many times users viewed your video, muted it, stopped it, replayed it, and more.
  • Studio Web UI
    The Studio Web UI is a workflow tool. After you've built your creatives, you can upload them into the Studio Web UI, preview them, test that they work properly, publish them for QA, and send them to your client's ad server so they can be trafficked.
All creatives built with Studio must be served through Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager 360, or Google Ad Manager. 
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