How standard metrics are calculated

This article lists the standard metrics available in Studio and which Studio commands and Google Web Designer components generate the metrics.

Calculated when you include the Enabler component in the parent file:
  • Rich Media code serves
  • Rich Media display time
  • Rich Media backup image
  • Rich Media impressions
  • Rich Media interaction rate
  • Rich Media interaction time
  • Rich Media interactive impressions
  • Rich Media total display time
  • Rich Media total interaction time


Calculated when you use Enabler.exit commands or a tap area in Google Web Designer:
  • Clicks


Calculated when you use the Enabler.expand command or create an expanding ad with Google Web Designer:
  • Rich Media expanding time
  • Rich Media expansions


If you don't want to track expanding time for a pre-expand or auto-expand creative, use ExpandingComponent.startExpanded(). (For more information, see The Expanding component - auto-expanding function.)
Calculated when you watch use video player controls to watch a video in full-screen:
  • Rich Media full-screen impressions
  • Rich Media full-screen view time


Calculated when you use the Enabler.reportManualClose or Report manual close action on a tap area in Google Web Designer:
  • Rich Media manual closes


Calculated when you use Enabler.exit commands, Enabler.timer commands, Enabler.counter commands, or the Video component:
  • Rich Media total interactions


Calculated when you use the Video component:
  • Video completes
  • Video full screen
  • Video interaction rate
  • Video interactions
  • Video length
  • Video pauses
  • Video plays
  • Video replays
  • Video stops
  • Video unmutes
    This event is recorded for Rich Media video only and not for In-Stream.
  • Video view rate
  • Video view time


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