Change your Qwiklabs email account

You can change the account you use to sign in to Qwiklabs.
  • The new email address must be able to receive emails.
  • The new email address cannot already be associated with another Qwiklabs account.

This procedure changes only the email address that you use to sign in to your Qwiklabs account. You keep the same Qwiklabs password and other account information.   

To change your Qwiklabs email:

  1. Sign in to Qwiklabs with your current account. Click your avatar, and then click My Account.
  2. On the Profile Info page, change the email address and click Update User.
    • A message opens, telling to check your email  and confirm your new Qwiklabs email address.
    • Note: The email field on the Profile info page continues to show your "old" email address until you confirm the new address.
  3. Go to your email and open the message from "Welcome to Qwiklabs". Click the link to confirm your account.
    • A new browser window opens for you to sign in to Qwiklabs.
  4. Sign in to Qwiklabs using the new email address and your original password. 
    • The original browser window where you requested the email change remains open. You can close that window. 

Use the new email address each time you sign in to Qwiklabs. Your "old" email address is no longer associated with your Qwiklabs account.

Note: You cannot merge two or more Qwiklabs accounts into a single account. Each Qwiklabs account, and its associated credits, subscriptions, learning history, etc. is a separate account.
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