Supported devices and browsers

Run labs from a desktop or laptop computer.


Run labs from a laptop or desktop computer that has an internet connection and a supported browser. 

You can use any number of devices, but you can run only one lab at a time with your Qwiklabs Advantage subscription.

Not supported

Mobile devices such as an iPad or smartphone are not recommended for taking a lab, because of limitations in the display, using multiple windows, and keyboard. Labs involving a Cloud console might not work at all on a mobile device.


All of the latest versions of the popular browsers are supported by Qwiklabs. However, for the best experience, we recommend Firefox or Chrome.

Incognito/private mode required

You must be able to run your browser in incognito/private mode.

PDF viewing

If your lab instructions are in Adobe PDF format, you might need to enable PDF viewing in your browser settings. Sometimes with older browsers or out-of-date Adobe software, PDFs are not visible and you get a message requiring you to install or update your Adobe PDF viewing software (plugin).

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