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Why has Google Cloud Skills Boost teamed up with Credly?

Answer – To help you showcase your Google Cloud skills, we've partnered with Credly as our new digital badge provider.  Credly enables you to do more with your badges, as well as enables Google Cloud learners to have their certification and skills badges all in one place.


What does claiming my Google Cloud Skills Boost Badges on Credly get me?

Answer – Below are some of the things you can do on Credly after syncing your Google Cloud Skills Boost Badge:

  • Showcase your skills: Easily highlight your accomplishments on LinkedIn, social media, and other professional platforms.
  • Verify your achievement: The digital format offers secure verification, adding credibility to your credential.
  • Explore new opportunities: Gain access to job openings and career insights that are directly relevant to your skills.
  • Unlock exclusive benefits: Discover special offers and learning pathways designed for badge earners like you.


Is there a fee to have my Google Cloud Skills Boost badge on Credly?

Answer – No.  You are able to claim your Google Skills Boost badge on Credly free of cost.


Is all content on Skills Boost eligible for a Credly Badge?

Answer  – No.  Only Skill Badge content and select learning paths are eligible for a Credly Badge.  This is because Credly badges verify a learner’s ability to demonstrate a certain skill, and skill badges do this via their assessment requirements.


How do I earn a Credly badge?

Answer  – Complete an eligible course or learning path.  You will then need to opt in to Google Cloud sharing your badge information with Credly, as well as create a Credly account.


How do I know what content is eligible for a Credly Badge?

Answer  – Upon completing eligible content, you will see a button to accept the badge on Credly.


Can I claim a Credly Badge for content I’ve completed in the past?

Answer  – Yes.  If you have already completed content that is now eligible for a Credly Badge, visit your profile, select the badges section, and select the button to accept your Credly badges.


Do I have to create a Credly Account?

Answer – Yes.  Learn more via this short tutorial.


After I create my account on Credly, is there anything I need to do?

Answer – Make sure your Credly account uses the same email address that you use on Google Cloud Skills Boost.  If your Credly account uses a different email, add an alternate email in your Credly settings, and list the email address you use for Google Cloud Skills Boost.  Additionally, for every Google Cloud Badge that is eligible on Credly,  you will receive an email from Credly asking if you want to accept it.  Select to auto-accept all badges from Google Cloud by visiting settings >>organization>>auto accept, and selecting Google Cloud.


I have finished an eligible course, but my Credly badge is not showing.  What should I do?

Answer –

Below are some troubleshooting steps you can take:

  1. Make sure you have confirmed that Google Cloud can share your data with Credly at the end of the course.  
  2. Check that your pop ups are not blocked, and look for a new tab that sends you to Credly.  
  3. Credly will send you an email asking you to accept the badge from Google Cloud.  If you don’t see the email, check your spam folder.  If you have multiple badges on Credly, you will need to accept each one from Credly via email.  You can also go to your Credly settings and choose to select all badges from Google Cloud.
  4. Not all badges on Cloud Skills Boost are offered on Credly. Double check that your badge is on the list
  5. Make sure that the email on your Credly account matches that on your Skills Boost account.  If they’re different, add the email from your Skills Boost account as an alternate email address on Credly.
  6. Visit your Skills Boost account settings, unselect that you confirm to share your information with Credly.  Save by selecting the update settings button.  Select to share your information with Credly. Save by selecting the update settings button.  This should retrigger any Credly badges you haven’t claimed.
  7. If you claimed a badge before April 6th, 2024 and have a email address with a "." in the address (ex., your badge sync may not have completed.  Add your email address without the dot (ex. as an alternate email in your Credly account, under "Settings", to complete the sync.    


Can I opt out of Credly badges in the future?

Answer – Yes.  Visit your settings in Skills Boost and deselect from the Credly integration.  Going forward your badge information will not be sent to Credly.


Is there anyone from Credly I can contact?

Answer – Check out the Credly help center.

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