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How do I verify my G Suite domain?

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You need to verify that you own your business domain, such as, before you can use Google Apps services, including Gmail. This ensures that no one else can use services or send email that appears to come from your business.  

If you know your domain host, find specific steps on how to verify your domain. Find your host or continue with the general guidelines below. 

Add a record to your domain settings

Verify your domain by adding a txt verification record to your domain's settings. A txt verification is a verification code that’s sent to our servers to validate that you own the domain.

Below is the general process on how most domain registrars verify a domain. If you know your domain host, find specific steps here

1. Locate the TXT records for your domain.

  1. a. Open a new browser window or tab, and sign in to your Google Admin console. 
  2. b. Select the option to Verify Domain
  3. c. Select the Add a domain host record (TXT or CNAME) verification method.
  4. Copy the contents of the Value/Answer/Destination field. The contents should have “google-site-verification=” at the beginning. This is the verification record that you will submit to your domain host.

2. Sign in to your domain's host account.

GoDaddy and eNom are examples of domain hosts. Find your domain host.

3. Locate the page with your domain's DNS records.

The page might be called something like “DNS Management,” “Name Server Management,” “Control Panel,” or “Advanced Settings.” Get steps for a specific domain host.

4. Enter the TXT verification record.

  1. Find the domain host or G Suite verification option. 
  2. In the Value/Answer/Destination field, paste the verification record you copied from your Google Apps account. Reminder: The verification record is a 68-character string that begins with “google-site-verification=.” 
  3. If prompted, use the following values:
    1. Record type: enter TXT
    2. Name/Host/Alias field: enter @ or leave it blank
    3. Time to Live (TTL) field: enter 86400 or leave the default
  4. Save the new settings.

TXT record changes can take up to 72 hours to go into effect, so don’t worry if you don’t notice the updates right away.

Next steps

Now it’s time to set up Gmail with G Suite. Keep the G Suite and domain host site tabs or windows open in your browser. In a new tab or window, open instructions for setting up Gmail with your host.

David is a G Suite deployment expert and author of this help page. Leave feedback below about the page.

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