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Better Ads Standards | Google Publisher Policies

The Better Ads Standards are based on extensive user research conducted by the Coalition about which ad formats and ad experiences consumers think are the most annoying and disruptive. To date, the Coalition has conducted research with more than 66,000 consumers in countries representing 70% of global online advertising spend. 

There are a number of benefits for both publishers and advertisers who implement the standard:

  • Publishers who already adhere to the standard benefit from an improved ecosystem, which may result in a shift in advertising spend to good ad experiences and/or reduced user demand for ad blockers.
  • Publishers who remove bad experiences to adhere to the standards will be offering their users better experiences on their sites. This has the potential to increase user engagement and brand perception.
  • Advertisers who buy inventory and produce creatives that adhere to the standard will be reaching users in a more relevant, engaging way, delivering a more positive overall experience. 
Learn more about the research, how to implement the standards, how the industry is evolving to take on this issue by visiting the Coalition for Better Ads site —

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