Other weapons

Is content that:

  • promotes the sale of other weapons that are designed or promoted as products that can be used to injure an opponent in sport, self-defense, or combat.

    Examples: Throwing stars, tasers, brass knuckles, pepper spray

  • promotes the sale of knives designed to provide a confrontational advantage (including a disguised appearance or assisted-opening mechanism).

    Examples: Switchblades, fighting knives, sword-canes, balisongs, military knives, push daggers, throwing axes

  • contains instructions about the assembly, enhancement, or acquisition of any product covered under this "Other Weapons" section.

Tips for understanding this restriction

The example image on the right shows what other weapons content might be. If ads appear on this content, they will have restricted ad demand. However, the example image on the left shows educational or factual reports about weapons where ads can appear unrestricted. 


Learn more about the commonly used policy terms and what they mean in the glossary

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