Shocking content

Is content that:

  • contains gruesome, graphic, or disgusting accounts or imagery.

    Examples: Blood, guts, gore, sexual fluids, human or animal waste, crime scene or accident photos

  • depicts acts of violence.

    Examples: Accounts or images of shootings, explosions, or bombings; execution videos

  • contains a significant amount of or prominently features obscene or profane language.

    Examples: Swear or curse words, variations and misspellings of profane language

Exception for gameplay imagery: In the context of gameplay imagery, content is only considered to "contain gruesome, graphic, or disgusting accounts or imagery" or "depict acts of violence" if it depicts:

  • torture.

    Examples: An act of violence that inflicts severe pain or suffering on restrained or imprisoned characters

  • sexual violence.
  • violence against minors.
  • violence against prominent real-name persons.

    Examples: Any type of violence towards real-world presidents, public officials, celebrities or sports players

  • violence against an individual or group on the basis of a characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization.
  • Examples: Violence against an individual on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity

Tips for understanding this restriction

In the images below, the examples on the right show what shocking content might be. If ads appear on this content, they will have restricted ad demand. However, the examples on the left show educational material about shocking content where ads can appear unrestricted. 


Learn more about the commonly used policy terms and what they mean in the glossary

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