Problems with Ads

Can I make money from the ads on my search results?

I have a general AdSense question.

For general AdSense help, visit the AdSense Help Center.

I am having an issue linking my AdSense account to my custom search engine.

If you have trouble associating your AdSense account with your custom search engine, make sure that you've signed up for AdSense for Search from within AdSense. For detailed instructions, see the AdSense Help Center.

Why aren't ads appearing in my search results?

There are a couple reasons you might not see ads:
  • The search query didn't trigger any ads. Try a different search query.
  • If you just applied for AdSense, it takes a few days for the account to be approved. Try again later.
  • If you've indicated that your site belongs to a qualifying non-profit, you may have disabled ads.

I would like to remove ads from my search results.

Non-profits, schools, and governments may apply for the ads-free version of Programmable Search Engine, which allows ads to be removed from search engine. Learn More.
Other groups can use the JSON API at a cost of $5 per thousand queries. Learn More.

Can I block a competitors' ads or other undesirable ads from my results?

Yes. For details on blocking a competitors' ad or other undesirable ads, see the AdSense Help Center. You will first need to associate your search engine with an AdSense account. Learn more.

I get a "Forbidden" error when using my custom search engine.

If you see a "Forbidden" error when searching with your custom search engine, it means that your AdSense account has been rejected or disapproved. See My application was disapproved and the AdSense guidelines.