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Google Play Newsstand is a news and magazine reading app for Android, iOS, and the web that enables users to discover more of the content they love with a newsstand made for them. Readers get a customized stream of news that gets better as they use it, and can subscribe to specific publishers and topics of interest. They can enjoy content online or offline, bookmark articles, and easily share articles with others.

For publishers, Google Play Newsstand is a digital publishing platform that creates beautiful, high-quality digital content experiences for phones and tablets to target an audience that is increasingly reading on mobile devices. Publishers create their own Newsstand "editions", customizing the look and feel with unique branding, and have access to ads and subscription revenue streams and millions of new readers. Google Play Newsstand is preinstalled on many Android devices; with over 1 billion devices and 1.5 million daily activations, Android is a growing ecosystem and a powerful content platform.

Participation in Google Play Newsstand covers production, monetization, and distribution. Google Play Newsstand Producer is a self-service production environment that enables publishers to design, brand, and customize the user experience. Publishers use Producer to publish their editions directly to Google Play, and easily link to their ads systems to monetize their editions.

Serving ads in Google Play Newsstand works similarly to serving ads on a normal website. As a result, any campaign and budget management, targeting, and reporting can be conducted using tools already in use. Google Play Newsstand Producer supports ad serving via DoubleClick for Publishers (both the premium solution and DFP Small Business). Learn more about how to get started with publisher-sold ads here.

Publishers are encouraged to promote their editions on Google Play with a branded badge on their websites, via print, mobile, or house ads, and on their social platforms.

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