Measure readership with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that offers rich insight into website traffic. You can also use it to analyze aggregated readership data for your Google Play Newsstand edition.

Types of Google Analytics accounts

A Google Analytics account can be associated with one or more properties, each with a unique identifier used for tracking. When you set up a new property, you can choose to track a website or a mobile app. To use Analytics with Google Play Newsstand, you must create a property or use a pre-existing property of the "mobile app" type.

Google Play Newsstand supports integration with both classic Analytics properties and Universal Analytics properties.

Google Analytics setup for your Google Play Newsstand edition

Get your Google Analytics property ID

  1. You'll need to have an existing Google Analytics account, or create a new account. You can easily create multiple Analytics accounts, associate them with a single Google Account, and share them with other Google users.

  2. For Google Play Newsstand, you should create a property or use a pre-existing property of the "mobile app" type. Find your property tracking ID, which will look something like UA-12345678-9.

Associate your edition with your Google Analytics property

  1. Open your edition in Google Play Newsstand Producer.
  2. Go to Edition settings in the navigation menu.
  3. Click Setup Google Analytics.
  4. Enter the Google Analytics property ID that you found earlier.
  5. Click the Update button.

Google Play Newsstand data in Google Analytics

Google Play Newsstand tracks the following user interactions:

  • reading an article
  • viewing an ad
  • bookmarking an article
  • viewing an edition's section
  • interacting with content on common screens (Read Now, Search, Explore, etc.)

To view your data, click Behavior on the navigation menu of your Analytics account. You then have 3 options:

  • Click Screens. The Screen Name column shows the titles of articles and sections that your users have viewed. Articles are prefixed with [Article], sections with [Section], and videos played within feeds with [Autoplay Video]. Additionally, there are rows for common screens on the application:

    • Read Now: This is the main personalized feed in Newsstand, called For You in the current version

    • Search: If a user reached an article after searching

    • Explore: If a user reached an article by exploring a topic or edition

These rows track the number of times users interacted with your content on the listed screen.

  • Click Events, then Top Events. Next, under the Event Category column, click Publisher. The Event Action column shows how users interacted with your content.

  • Click Behavior Flow. This report displays how your users navigated through the application to arrive at your content.

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