Edition settings

Provide a title, description, and cover image for your edition. Optionally, take advantage of our Google Analytics integrations.

Edition name and Basic information

Users can search for your edition by using the name and description you set here. When writing your edition description, make sure it’s least 140 characters. You can also select a category for your edition, such as "News" or "Entertainment."

Cover image

An icon will help visually distinguish your edition. It should be a square image between 1000 and 1000 pixels wide in PNG, JPEG, or GIF format. Use a crisp, legible edition icon that measures 1000x1000 pixels. We also recommend using icons with solid colors, full bleed, no rounded corners, and no unnecessary gradients or effects. We also would suggest leaving the background transparent and not white. If you don't provide an image, Google will attempt to automatically create an image based on your editon’s title.

Setup Google Analytics

Enter your Google Analytics profile ID in order to track views of your content. Learn more about Google Analytics tracking.