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Set up your edition

Sign in to Google Play Newsstand Producer

Go to and sign in with your Google Account. (Note: We currently only support Google Play Newsstand Producer on the Chrome browser.)

When signing up for Producer or granting access to others in your organization, it's not necessary to use a Gmail account. In fact, we recommend that you avoid setting up access with a personal Gmail account if this edition is one that you're managing in a professional capacity.

Instead, you can set up a Google account that uses an existing email address (such as a work email address) as a username. This will make it easy for the Newsstand team to contact you at an email address that you're monitoring, and ensure that we're contacting you on your business email address, rather than your private.
If you're using a Google Apps for Work account and are experiencing difficulties logging into Producer, please contact the administrator of your company's Google Apps for Work account. Ask them to ensure that the service "Books" is enabled for your account in the Google Admin console. Learn more.

Create your edition

  1. If you're using Producer for the first time, you'll be prompted to accept our terms and conditions. Once accepted, you can move on to step #2.
    If you've already set up an edition, you can create a new one by clicking the blue triangle at the top right (see below).

  2. To create a streaming news edition, select 'Currents Edition'.

  3. Name your edition

    Users can search for your edition by using the name you specify here, so we recommend selecting a name for your edition that is both unique and accurately describes your content and brand.

Add a content section (optional)

  1. Enter your RSS or Atom feed URL.
    (Learn more about our general and technical feed specifications.)

  2. If you have videos hosted on YouTube, enter your ID for the site.
    (Learn more about using videos in your edition.)

  3. Click 'Create'. Once you've added sections to your edition, you can view a preview of your edition to the right.

  4. Optionally, add additional content by clicking 'Sections' in the left menu.
    (Learn more about creating and managing sections.)

Add basic information

Add the edition description

Users can search for your edition by using the description you set here. When writing your edition description, make sure it’s least 140 characters.

Select a category

When you provide your edition settings, be sure to classify it appropriately so that if your edition is added to the Google Play Newsstand catalog, readers will be able to find it under the correct category.

List of categories

The list of categories you can choose from in Google Play Newsstand Producer may not correlate exactly with the categories visible in Google Play Newsstand, as the catalog is adjusted to optimize the browsing experience for readers. For example, similar categories may be combined.

Below, see the list of categories available in Google Play Newsstand Producer and how they map to the Google Play Newsstand catalog users browse on their mobile device:

In Google Play Newsstand Producer In Google Play Newsstand catalog
'Real Estate'
'Crafts & Hobbies'
'Fashion & Style'
'Food & Drink'
'Home & Garden'
'Men's Lifestyle'
'Parenting & Children'
'Women's Lifestyle'
'News & Politics' News
'Health & Fitness'
'Social Good'
'Special Interest'
'Science & Tech' Science
'Sports' Sports

Provide a cover image

An icon will help visually distinguish your edition. It should be a square image of minimum 1000 pixels of width and height, in PNG, JPEG, or GIF format. Use a crisp, legible edition icon that measures 1000x1000 pixels.

We also recommend using icons with solid colors, full bleed, no rounded corners, and no unnecessary gradients or effects. We also would suggest leaving the background transparent and not white. If you don't provide an image, Google will attempt to automatically create an image based on your edition's title.

Set up Google Analytics

Enter your Google Analytics profile ID in order to track views of your content. Learn more about Google Analytics tracking.

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