Visibility of assets and public profiles on Poly

Visibility of unpublished assets

When you upload an asset to Poly, it is visible only to you, until you decide to publish it.

To see your unpublished assets in Poly, open the menu and click Your uploads.

Visibility of published assets

When you publish content on Poly, you can choose between two visibility settings, public or unlisted.

  • Public content will be searchable, may be featured on the homepage, and will show up on your public Poly profile.
  • Unlisted content won’t appear to others on your public Poly profile or in search results, and won’t be featured across Poly. Anyone with a link to an unlisted creation can view it.

If your unlisted content is used in a remix, you’ll still be attributed on the remix. This means that if you allow remixing, we'll show attribution wherever your content is remixed (even if your content is unlisted).

Changing visibility settings

If you change the visibility setting of a previously public asset from public to unlisted, the asset’s page will no longer be searchable or featured on your public Poly profile. If it was previously used in a remix, it will still be visible in that remix due to the CC-BY license.

Visibility of public profiles

The first time you publish content to Poly, a public Poly profile is created for you using some of the About Me information from the current account you’re logged into:

  • Your name, as it appears in your About Me
  • Your profile photo, as it appears in your About Me

Your public Poly profile features assets you have publicly published to Poly. Unlisted assets will appear only to you when you view your own profile.

Nothing from Poly will show up on your G+ profile or other Google accounts.

To see your public Poly profile, open the menu and click Your profile.

Changing your name and profile photo

Changes made to your name and profile photo on your About Me will be reflected on your public Poly profile.

Account deletions

If you delete your Google Account, your public Poly profile will also be deleted.

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