Notifications from Poly

Once you’ve created a public profile on Poly, you may receive notifications from the Poly website. These notifications appear in the Google bar. Look for the icon to see your latest notifications.

Notification Triggers

Clicking the Like button on a Poly asset will send a notification to the creator of that asset indicating that you liked it. The notification will include your public profile photo and display name. You can modify your public avatar and display name any time by visiting your About Me page.

A notification may also be sent if you remix another user’s asset. If you modify another Poly user’s remixable Blocks model in Blocks or Tilt Brush sketch in Tilt Brush, we will notify the creator of that model or sketch that you remixed it.

When you click through a notification, you will visit the dedicated page for the asset it references. When you dismiss a notification, it is permanently dismissed.

You can see more about notifications in the Google bar help center.