Google+ Photos app for Android

Learn how to find, share, and organize your photos using the new Google Photos. This article is for Google+ Photos.

You can manage your Google+ photos, albums, and videos with the Photos app Photos icon on your Android device. Before you start making changes, make sure you're signed into the right Google+ account.

  1. Open the Photos app Photos icon.
  2. Open the main menu by touching the Photos icon Photos icon in the top left.
  3. To switch to another Google+ profile or page, touch the  drop-down arrow to the right of your account name.

In the main Photos menu, you will see the following sections:


Touch Google+ to view your Google+ profile. To go back to the Photos app, open the main menu and touch Photos icon Photos.


View photos that are stored on your Android device (like those taken with your device's camera) and photos that have been uploaded to your Google+ account.


If you go on a trip or to a special event, you can get your best photos & videos automatically arranged in a fun timeline with maps and points of interest. Learn how to get a Story.


Learn more about viewing your albums.

Auto Awesome

See your photos with special effects, like animated GIFs or wide-view panoramas. Learn more about Auto Awesome.


View the videos recorded with your device's camera, created with Auto Awesome, or saved on your device.

Photos of you

View photos you are tagged in in this section. Learn how to approve or remove tags.


It's possible to restore photos that have been backed up to your Google+ account using the app. Learn how to restore or permanently delete photos or videos in Trash.

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