Google Photos app for Android

 These instructions are for the newest version of the Google+ app for Android. Update your app

You can manage your Google+ photos, albums, and videos with the  Photos app on your Android device. Before you start making changes, make sure you're signed into the right Google+ account.

  1. Open the  Photos app.
  2. Open the main menu by touching the  Photos icon in the top left.
  3. To switch to another Google+ profile or page, touch the  drop-down arrow to the right of your account name.

In the main Photos menu, you will see the following sections:


Touch Google+ to view your Google+ profile. To go back to the Photos app, open the main menu and touch  Photos.


Learn more about viewing your photos.


Learn more about viewing your albums.

Auto Awesome

Find your Auto Awesome photos and movies here. To see which effect was added to a photo, touch the thumbnail to open it, then touch the  Auto Awesome icon at the bottom right of the photo.

Auto Awesomes are generated automatically when photos and videos you upload to Google+ match certain criteria. You can upload photos manuallyor use Auto Backup, which automatically uploads photos and videos from your mobile device (and they will be private unless you choose to share them).


View all videos recorded with your device's camera or saved on your Android device in this section. To play a video, touch the play icon. 

To share or delete videos, touch and hold video thumbnails to select them > the  share or  trash icon at the top right. To view a video while you're selecting videos, touch the  expand icon at the bottom right of a thumbnail, then the < back arrow at the top left to go back to your selections.

Photos of you

View photos you are tagged in in this section. Learn how to approve or remove tags.


View your Android device's folders, which include screenshots you've taken, photos you've downloaded, and photos and videos from other apps. You can also automatically back up your photo & video folders to Google+.


It's possible to restore photos that have been backed up to your Google+ account using the app. Learn how to restore or permanently delete photos or videos in Trash.