Auto Enhance

When you add new photos, Auto Enhance makes subtle adjustments (like removing red-eye and improving lighting) to help them look great.

Adjust or remove Auto Enhance for a photo:

  1. You can adjust the level of enhancement to a photo that has already been automatically enhanced. To see if a photo has been enhanced, click the photo to open it in full screen and then place your cursor over it. Photos that have been enhanced will say ENHANCED in the corner.
  2. To adjust the level of enhancement, place your cursor over the ENHANCED tag, and then select Normal, High, Customize, or Off.

Adjust or remove Auto Enhance for an album:

  1. Open Google+.
  2. Place your cursor in the top left corner for the Google+ main menu.
  3. Find the album you wish to adjust. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the album title > Apply Auto Enhance > Normal to apply a normal level of Auto Enhance, High to increase effects, or Off to remove them.

Turn Auto Enhance on or off

  1. Though it may not be applied to every photo, Auto Enhance is on by default. To turn the feature on or off, open Google+.
  2. Place your cursor over the Google+ Home menu near the top left corner. Click  Settings.
  3. In the Photos section, check or uncheck the box next to "Automatically enhance new photos."

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