Edit photos and add filters on iOS

Edit Photo and add filters on iOS

Edit or add some style to your photos before you post by rotating, cropping or using filters in the Google+ App.

Edit photos before posting 

  1. Go to Home.
  2. Touch the  Photo icon at the bottom of the stream.
  3. Select a photo from your Camera Roll, or select to choose a photo from your Auto Backup album. To take a new photo, touch the  camera icon.
  4. In the thumbnail view, touch a photo to open the editing screen. 
  5. Select RotateCrop, or Filters to modify your photo.
  6. Swipe left and right to navigate through your existing photos. Touch the check mark icon to select the photos you'd like to include on your post. Use the  icon to return to the thumbnail view.
  7. When you're ready to post your edited photos, touch the arrow and continue with your posts as you would normally. Learn about creating a post.
If you have multiple photos attached to your post, you can name your photo album by touching Album Name.

Edited photos are only saved once you share your post. If you discard a post containing edited photos, your progress will be lost.

Customizing photo filters

When you select a filter for your photo, you can customize the filter by swiping up and down with your finger. Tap the selected photo again and scroll up and down to choose customization options.

Note: This feature is currently only supported on iOS devices.