Create your Google+ profile name

Your account may be suspended if we determine your profile name violates our user conduct and content policy. We’ll notify you if that happens and provide you with some options including how to appeal.

Google+ makes connecting with people on the web more like connecting with people in the real world. It's recommended that you go by your first and last name because it will help you connect with people you know and help them find you.

Google+ profiles are for individuals so if you want to use Google+ to represent something else like your business, your band, your family, or your pet, create a Google+ page instead.

As you create your Google+ profile, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • First and last name required: You need to provide both your first and last name for your Google+ profile so it’ll help you find people and enable people to find you. Using only one name is not permitted. You can use an initial for one of the names, but not both. For example, “J. Smith” but not “J.S.” If you actually have a single-part name, then you should enter it as your first name, and a simple dot (“.”) as your last name, then go through the appeals process.

  • Nicknames optional: A nickname can be displayed in addition to your first and last name. For example, John "Moose" Davis. Here’s how to add a nickname to your profile.

  • No professional titles: You can't include titles like “Dr.” or “Rev.” in your profile name but you can add professional affiliations to your profile's "Other Names" section like “Bill Smithwick, DDS”, or “Jim Copley, Esq.”

  • No special characters: You can’t use special characters or punctuation to make your name look different. For example, “MikeJones!!!” or “J@son W@t$on” aren’t allowed.

  • No celebrity, historical, or other people’s names: You can’t create a profile using someone else’s name or impersonate a celebrity. Pretending to be someone else could cause your profile to be suspended.

Change your Google+ profile name

  1. Open Google+. Place your cursor in the top left corner for the Google+ main menu.
  2. Click  Profile > your name.

Note: You can change your profile name up to 3 times in two years.

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If you suspect someone is pretending to be you, you can report them by visiting their profile and clicking the  drop-down arrow > Report / block.