Ajouter une personne à votre Pixel Slate

Vous pouvez laisser d'autres personnes se connecter à votre Pixel Slate à l'aide de leur compte Google. Cette option est idéale pour les personnes qui utiliseront votre Pixel Slate régulièrement, comme les membres de votre famille.

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  1. If you're signed in to your device, sign out.
  2. On the bottom, select Add person.
  3. Enter the Google Account email address and password, then select Next.
  4. Follow the steps that appear.

Tip: If your friend doesn't have an account, they can create a Google Account.

What info people will see

When someone signs in to your device, they'll see all their data synced in Chrome, like apps, wallpaper, and bookmarks. They can also use all of Google's web services (like Gmail and Google Drive) using their own account, rather than yours. All of their information and files are kept separate from yours.

Fix problems adding accounts

You see an error message: "Sorry, you don't have permission to sign in"

The owner of the device needs to give permission to add other accounts.

To learn how to control who uses your device, see Related articles.

You can't sign in
If you're using your device at work or school, you might only be able to sign in with your work account and not with other accounts (like your personal Gmail account). For more help, contact your administrator.
If you're not at work or school, try this sign-in troubleshooter or see "Fix sign-in problems" in Related articles.
Your account was deleted from your device

Your device might have deleted the account automatically to free up hard drive space. You can add the account again, but you should also free up space on your device.

The sign-in screen can show up to 18 accounts.

For more information on sign-in problems, see Related articles.

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