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Use the Pixelbook Pen with your Pixel Slate

Note: Pixelbook Pen is no longer sold by Google.

With pressure sensitivity, tilt support and virtually no lag, Pixelbook Pen feels natural, like a pen on paper. Here we'll cover what you can do on your Pixel Slate with your Pixelbook Pen.

Using the Google Pixelbook Pen with Google Assistant is no longer supported.

Pixelbook pen graphic

Note: Wacom AES styluses can also work with your device, though they may have limited functionality.

Get apps for Pixelbook Pen

Find and download apps that work with your Pixelbook Pen.

  1. At the bottom right, select the time to open the status area.
  2. Select Settings Settings
  3. In the "Device" section, select Stylus.
  4. Select Find more stylus apps.

Take notes with Pixelbook Pen

Use Google Keep or other compatible note-taking apps to quickly jot down a reminder or take detailed notes, even when your screen is locked.

How to Use Pixelbook Pen for Google Pixel Slate

Take notes instantly from a locked screen

Jump right in to notetaking without entering a password to unlock your screen. Everything else on your device will remain locked and secure. This feature is currently only available with the Google Keep app.

Note: This feature is available only once you've locked your screen. To learn how to lock your screen, see Related articles.

  1. In the top right corner of your locked screen, tap or swipe Note Note icon. This will instantly open your most recent note in the Keep app. 
  2. Use your Pixelbook Pen to take notes in the window that appears. 
  3. If you want full access to your device, select Unlock and enter your password.

Create a new note from a locked screen

You can choose to always create a new note from a locked screen, instead of opening your most recent note.

  1. On your desktop, select Pen Stylus and then SettingsSettings.
  2. Select the toggle next to "Keep latest note on lock screen" to disable.
  3. Going forward, a new note will open when you enter notetaking from a locked screen.

Each time you create a new note from a locked screen, the previous note you created this way won't be accessible from the locked screen.

Turn off note-taking from a locked screen

To disable the ability to take notes from a locked screen:

  1. On your desktop, select Pen  Stylus and then SettingsSettings.
  2. To disable, select the toggle next to "Take notes from lock screen."

You can also switch to a note-taking app that doesn't support the locked screen feature.

Take notes from an unlocked screen

  1. On your desktop, select Pen Stylus.
  2. Select Create note.
  3. In the window that appears, use your pen to take notes.

To change which app you use to take notes:

  1. On your desktop, select Pen Stylus and then SettingsSettings.
  2. In the "Note-taking app" drop-down, choose an app.

Select text with the Pixelbook Pen

  1. With the Pixelbook Pen, long-press on a piece of text to select it. To select more text, drag the selection handles that appear. 

  2. To copy the text, select Copy on the floating button that appears. To see other options, select . Long-press on an image or hyperlink to select and see options.

Draw or sketch with the Pixelbook Pen

  1. If you haven't yet, get the Google Play Store app.
  2. In laptop mode: Select the Launcher Launch icon.
    In tablet mode: Swipe up from the bottom of your screen.
  3. Select the app you want to use for drawing, like the Canvas app. See Related articles
  4. Use the app to draw with your pen.

Use the drawing tools in Google Keep

You can change the drawing mode of the Pixelbook Pen from the Google Keep app. Here are the different settings:

  • To draw thin lines, select the Pen Stylus.
  • To draw thick lines, select the Marker marker.
  • To highlight with color, select the Highlighter highlighter.
  • To pick the color or size of a tool, swipe up to see options.
  • To erase a shape, select the Eraser eraser.
  • To select any shape you've drawn, select Select select.

Take a screenshot with the Pixelbook Pen

Take a partial screenshot

  1. On your desktop, select Pen Stylus.
  2. Using your pen, select Capture region.
  3. Using your pen, touch and hold somewhere on the screen, then drag.
  4. Release to finish the screenshot.

Take a full-page screenshot

  1. On your desktop, select Pen Stylus .
  2. Select Capture screen.

Use the Pixelbook Pen as a laser pointer or magnifying glass

If you’re showing off your artwork or giving a presentation, you can use your pen as a laser pointer. To see something up close, you can use your pen to make part of your screen bigger.

  1. On your desktop, select Pen Stylus.
  2. Select Laser pointer mode or Magnifying glass mode.
  3. Touch the pen to the screen and move it around.
  4. Optional: To turn off the laser pointer or magnifying glass, select Pen Stylus again. 

Change Pixelbook Pen settings

  1. At the bottom right, select the time to open the status area.
  2. Select SettingsSettings.
  3. In the "Device" section, select Stylus.
  4. To show or hide the pen icon, turn Show stylus tools in the shelf on or off.
  5. To find & download more apps that work with your pen, select Find more stylus apps.

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