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Pixel 4a launched in India, today. But not available in the very capital of the nation? This might be irrelevant but since it's a product of Google, I wanna know why would they not try the… Hard reset my pixel 4a phone is not working, how to hard reset? I can not hard reset my phone.
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Navigation & Status bar not disappearing in full screen apps and games in Android 11 Final release This has been a problem since early betas (beta 1 & 3 i believe) and has persisted through Android 1… I had a creaky sound in back case of my pixel 4a which I had bought just 2 days ago.What should I do I need to know what should I want to do to report this problem?
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Is there any way to start Pixel 4 when it refuses to recognize the correct PIN? PIN will not unlock phone. I can't get to the Recovery function. When I press the Down Volume, start…
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How can I disable all vibration? Even with all settings for haptic feedback and vibrate on keypress turned off off, my phone still ma…
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Chat Bubbles don't work Android 11 Just upgraded to Android 11 and saw the chat bubble feature yet I don't get the bubble icon on the b… How do I get pictures out of downloads and into Photos? I have pictures that I downloaded from my email. I can see them in the files app under downloads, bu… Unavailability of Google pixel 4a in major locations of India Google pixel 4a not being delivered by Flipkart at majority of locations including Bangalore or Delh…
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My Pixel 2 XL turned off everytime when i plug in the USB to PC/ OTG to Pixel 2 XL Please help! After i installed my Android Q beta. Everything is worse and when i want to tried to tr… How do you Download Google Play purchased songs to device or external hard drive? Since Google Play is going away, I just exported my music library through Google Takeout. Once I unz…
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Pixel 5 Not Detected By PC Hello, I seem to be having an issue with my Pixel 5 where it is not detected by any of my PCs. I've …
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Screenshot/Select options not available after Android 11, they're greyed out when I hit the Overview 3 button navigation. When I tap the button to view the open apps, the Screenshot and Select buttons … Pixel 4a annoying top speaker crackling sound Does anyone have problem with the top speaker? Pixel 4a Top (front facing) speaker has cracking noice during audio playback regardless of volume le…
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