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Updated: Today
My new pixel is shutting down automatically and doesn't restart. Device shuts down even kept on table without touching. To restart, I have to hold power button for a…
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What store can I bring my pixel to get fixed Talked to customer service
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I left my Google pixel a phone on the patio and direct bright sunlight this morning for about 30 min I left my phone in the Sun for 30 minutes and now it won't turn on. I have it on the charger and I d…
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Best Practices for life of phone What are the best practices for prolonging the life of the battery in the Pixel 4a (and the phone it…
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Pixel 5 battery getting stuck at random numbers Hi, I have been using the Pixel 5 for just 2 days and today I observed that my battery percentage go… Battery percentage stuck, and doesn't show the current percentage battery percentage is stuck at 90% and charging and useing the phone doesn't change that. I have res… Anyone having issues with battery percentage not changing on their Pixel? Couple of days ago it began to not show whether my phone was rapidly charging or not on the lock scr…
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Pixel phone fully charged but it shows 1% My phone was dead so I plugged it in to charge. The screen showed it was charging as usual but after… Pixel 3 battery drain problem My phone battery has been steadily getting worse for months. Every night when I get home from work I…
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need to send back phone for replacement Went to repair shop. Told me to send it back.
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