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Why are you replacing my brand new phone with a refurbished phone? I purchased a brand new Pixel 3. Exactly one month later it was determined by Google tech support th… Pixel 3 stuck in fastboot Yesterday my wifes pixel 3 lost its operating system. Her phone is now stuck in fastboot mode. When …
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Broke back glass of my pixe3l but hasn't broken the cam, where can I fix it. I m in Argentina I need to replace they Back of my pixel 3. I'm un Argentina HDR+ processing hangs on Pixel 3 Since the last update of the camera app about 3 weeks ago the HDR+ processing keeps hanging and neve…
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How to keep Pixel 3 from overheating? I am having issues with my Google Pixel 3 phone overheating while it is docked to the car dashboard.…
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Pixel 3 turns off by itself after 10 - 30 seconds after starting. Flashing animation while charging Pixel 3 turns off by itself after 10 - 30 seconds after phone start (state when you can already unlo…
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Carrier services battery drain. 20% or more in a few hours. I've been having a periodic issue with battery drain due to the carrier services. I've tried force s…
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RMA process for physical damage was completely useless, what options do I have now? Over two weeks ago, I dropped my 3 month old Pixel 3 and the phone landed on the side with the power…
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Pixel 3 can not open web pages served on local network by a specific host I do web and mobile development on several hosts on my local network. My Pixel 3 can open these web …
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Camera autofocus stuttering? Hello there! I have recently noticed an issue with my Pixel 3 camera where the focus will "stutter" …
0 Recommended Answers 104 Replies 151 Upvotes
Battery drops from 100% to 99% while plugged charging (P3) Hi guys, since several weeks my phone has a problem while charging. Using stock charger + cable, it … More of a statement than a question Sorry that this is not a question but more a statement that I hope will resonate with Google. I've u…
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SIM Card Not getting detected search eh community and check with local hardware stores asn well cheek the sim on other phones
0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 11 Upvotes
My Pixel 3's ringtone, alarm, and notification sounds are not working It also seems like I'm not getting stereo audio. It seems like a common problem, but not one that ha…
0 Recommended Answers 10 Replies 26 Upvotes
Lost photos while fixing backup issue A few days back, I had issues with Google Photos backup. My Google Photos App kept showing backup co…
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Strong camera issue. Image distortion and shaking videos. After I quit Android Q beta 2 version and restored official Android I'm noticing rear camera issue- …
0 Recommended Answers 10 Replies 26 Upvotes
camera keeps stopping My camera started showing the "camera keeps stopping" errors a week ago whenever I accessed my Googl…
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Android Backup is grayed out and some informations doesn'T seems to backup I want my device to backup to my google account (App data, call history, device settings, SMS..) but… Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL cannot read Mifare Plus tag I have a NFC key in Mifare Plus type format. It can be read by Samsung, Sony, and HTC phones, but I … When I want to send a video or a photo not all the pics or videos that is in my phone appears in app When I want to send a video or a photo not all the pictures or videos that is in my phone appears in…
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