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Updated: Today
After devise update to android 11 apps not on main screen. Want it as it was please Apps not on main screen any longer after updating to android 11. Want it as it was! Thanks all
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Navigation & Status bar not disappearing in full screen apps and games in Android 11 Final release This has been a problem since early betas (beta 1 & 3 i believe) and has persisted through Android 1… Revert Files App in Android 11 I jusr recently updated to Android 11 and I couldn't find my Files app at first. I didn't even know …
0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 3 Upvotes
Pixel 2 XL random reboots every 5-10 minutes after Android 11 update. Problem goes away with no SIM Basically what the title says. When I remove my sim, my Pixel 2 XL works perfectly, so I doubt it's …
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Pixel 2 crashes after android 11 update Finally got the update to 11 today, but since installing I've had constant issues. All apps seem to …
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Phone crashing when am trying to open certain apps My ohone has been crashing when I open some apps like camera....it started post the android 11 updat…
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Android 11 canners crash on 2XL So issue with the update to android 11. My camera app just keeps crashing. I'll start it, black scre…
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My home screen is messed up, when I swipe to change pages it is multiple images. Tried to add wallpaper, turned off and back on. This happened after the last update
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How can I turn off wallpaper zooming on the home screen? It's physically painful to watch. How can I stop the wallpaper from zooming whenever I do things on the home screen? It triggers the s…
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Nothing but problems from Google Android Pixel Security Update - August 2020 This update has caused nothing but problems on my phone. Had to restart because the phone was laggin…
0 Recommended Answers 26 Replies 50 Upvotes
I just did the download update now my screen is showing multiple of icons I have and can't change I just did the new update now the icons show multiple on the screen when I touch them or switch scre…
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Pixel 2 camera app crashes constantly The camera app on my Pixel 2 is constantly crashing, it boots up, shows a black screen for about 3 s… What is the Pixel Visual Core and does it help optimize social media apps on Pixel? What is the Pixel Visual Core and what is it's purpose, and does it help load social media apps fast…
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Pixel 2 stuck in broken setup after Android 11 update So I updated to android 11 and now my phone is basically dead. My Cellular network stopped working c…
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