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Updated: Today
How can I submit a formal complaint about Google’s customer support? It’s ridiculous & time wasting I have had issues with my Google Pixel 3 - when making calls, they fail consistently. I called googl…
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What's a Pixel phone, because I don't know what a Pixel phone is and I've never heard of one? I'm trying to find out what a Pixel phone is, what it does, how it works, and what it's for if it's …
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pixel 3a android 10 all alert sounds work only through headphones pixel 3a android 10 all alert sounds work only through headphones, including alarm clock and phone r…
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Vonage Extensions app not working properly Vonage Extensions will ring simultaneously on my mobile when a caller phones my landline at home. Th… Parallel Space or Multiple Account not working in Android 10 after upgrade to Android 10 Parallel Space doesn't launch have did the whole uninstall and reinstall… Please return back Project Ara phone Please Return Project Ara phone
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Playing music on my 3a I want to play music that I upload from my laptop without having to pay for a Play music subscriptio…
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I own a pixel 2xl with a cracked screen, cant factory reset after reboot??? tried everything, zero support from google, after restarting device, fingerprint access, not enough.…
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Usb-c adapter for audio is not working (PLEASE READ THE FULL POST WITH UPDATES) I have been using my pixel 2 xl for almost 9 months. Today …
Updated: Yesterday
Pixel XL unable to unlock from pattern after upgrade to Android 9 Just shifted to a Google Pixel XL from an iphone and one week later hells breaking loose. Initial pr… Google Pixel volume is randomally turned down while using headphones. Tried everything I can read on Changed headphones, cleared cache, cancelled google assitant while using headphones "Face enrolment didn't work." Face Unlock malfunctioning on new Pixel 4, can't configure. My new Pixel 4 arrived last night, so I started setting it up, transferring things over from my Pixe…
0 Recommended Answers 87 Replies 103 Upvotes
Pixel 3 notification volume control missing? My Pixel 3's volume settings don't include a slider for "Notifications." All I have is: Media volume… Trusted Face unlock feature unavailable after Android 10 update earlier today. The Trusted Face feature seems to have disappeared from my Pixel 2 after I updated it to Android 10 … New Pixel 3a with a tiny corruption on internal screen frame - should I worry? Hello, community! Well, the title says it all: got a new Pixel 3a (actually, my first one) today and… Severe Issues After Android 10 Upgrade After upgrading to Android 10 two days ago: 1. The Play Store keeps crashing when trying to update a… Incorrect times in Calendar Times become incorrect after entering into calendar. eg I enter an appointment for 9am, add other de…
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How to get dark mode on Google Discover. I'm trying to get dark mode for my Google Discover. I have Google 10 with dark mode on system, devel…
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Can no longer access the download folder on pixel 3xl Ever since the beginning of december i have been unable to access my downloads folder, every time i …
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Pixel 3 turning on camera and stuck in restart loop Hello, My Pixel 3 randomly started launching its camera today. While the camera would be open, the p…
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