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How to contact support when you don't have access to your pixel phone I took my Google Pixel 2XL to the authorized repair shop and my phone came back not working at all. …
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請問我是預購手機pixel4,不是有4500購物金可以用,為什麼我到現在還沒拿到呢?還是那時候才能拿到呢。 沒有 WeChat app said to be incompatible with Pixel 3 I did have WeChat downloaded but today it stopped working and I couldn't start it, it always crashed… How could i play my videos & movies on my T.V.??? How the HELL do I play videos
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My unlocked Pixel 4XL didn't get December update yet. Anybody else? My unlocked Pixel 4XL didn't get December update yet. Repeating unknown notification sound I have a recurring notification sound that comes from my phone, sometimes multiple times in successi…
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[Pixel 3] Volume increases automatically. Whenever I connect my headphones via bluetooth or my wired pixel buds, the volume turns itself up wh… Escalation point of Contact for Google Pixel replacement - US Team, I had a software issue with my Google pixel 3 in US and raised a warranty replacement with Goo…
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Pixel 4 XL Stuck on G logo loading page after Google Android Pixel Security Update - Nov 2019 After selecting to update my google pixel 4 XL with the Google Android Pixel Security Update - Nov 2… My 2 weeks old Pixel 4 XL boot up with black screen I have my 2 weeks old Pixel 4 XL. Once I restart the device, the screen went black after the Google …
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Usb-c adapter for audio is not working (PLEASE READ THE FULL POST WITH UPDATES) I have been using my pixel 2 xl for almost 9 months. Today … USB Preferences, select USB controlled by Connected Device but it tells me it couldn't switch. Why? Trying to transfer pictures from phone to PC. Why does this have to be so difficult, Google? What factory image version should we use for France for the Pixel 4 XL? Hi, I'm trying to install the latest version of the factory image for the Pixel 4 XL, however I'm no… I want to delete digital well-being from my device Delete digital well-being Texting Issues started this morning The rest of the phone seems to work fine, and I have no trouble receiving text messages. It even loo…
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"Face enrolment didn't work." Face Unlock malfunctioning on new Pixel 4, can't configure. My new Pixel 4 arrived last night, so I started setting it up, transferring things over from my Pixe…
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Will the Pixel 4 support HDMI output Hi all, will the Pixel 4 have HDMI out via the USB C port? The last generations didnt support it and…
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[Pixel 3XL] Is there a bug or are the speakers just bad? It's like it's mono and muffled. It's mostly noticeable in videos. Am I the only one? What he done a…
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"Do Not Disturb" no longer turns on while driving. How can I fix this? Pixel 2 XL: I have "Do Not Disturb" set to turn on automatically while I'm driving: Settings > Apps …
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Why the blurring option not showing in Google photos after the December's update? I recently installed the latest update and I haven't got the portrait effect option in the photos ap…
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