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Sim card randomly disconnects SIM card randomly disconnects. Have installed all updates and got a new AT&T SIM card, but at least …
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Random network issue on my Pixel 4a Random network issue on my Pixel 4a, I use JIO network it shows full network strength but I can't ab…
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Gmail messages stopped loading, can't access phone support. Hello! I can see the headers but my messages stopped loading. No updates available for device or Gma…
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will verizon accept a pixel 4a 5g with an unlocked bootloader in their BYOD program? If I buy a Pixel 4a 5g and unlock the bootloader, will Verizon accept it in their BYOD program? I do…
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Google Pixel 5 Dual-SIM Does Google Pixel 5 support Dual-sim, so that both sim cards (e-sim and nano) can be used at the sam… I can't manage to transfer data into iMac I want my xl4 to backup with iMac but can't manage to do it. My Android auto stopped working on my first SYNC3. Others propels phones works but mine does not. Android 11 is up to date. Changed USB cable. Others people's phones work just not mine. Cleared memo…
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Hi, my phone has suddenly started to not hold a mobile signal, My phone won't hold a 4g signal in an area that has 4g, it flicks between 4g 3g and no signal, this …
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I'm getting a notification says "charging connected device USB". I don't connected to anything. P4a Hey, I'm using pixel 4a for a day. Now I'm getting a notification from Android system that says "cha…
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