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Updated: Yesterday
Is anyone intermittently losing LTE coverage on Google Pixel 3XL after leaving Wifi Coverage? There are situations where I leave public wifi (gym, Starbucks, etc) where after I walk away and los…
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Android 10 update on Pixel 2 XL breaks WiFi Android 10 update on Pixel 2 XL caused a WiFi issue where all wifi networks report "Connected, no in…
0 Recommended Answers 119 Replies 172 Upvotes
Pixel 2 XL Does not support Airtel Volte Its been more than a year i am using Pixel 2XL. I have Airtel 4G enabled sim card i am not able to u… Hotspot Not Working 5th April 2019 Installed an Update to Pixel 3 OS yesterday. This morning find that normally reliable hotspot is not… Pixel 3a: location not sharing with Family Link Recently upgraded my son's phone from a Motorola to a Pixel 3a. His Google account is linked under m… Mobile Data not working after update to Android 10? If I try to toggle the mobile data switch in settings it says it turns on but as soon as I go back i… Android 10 broke USB charging and file transfer About a week after updating to Android 10, my pixel 2 xl suddenly stopped charging with fast chargin…
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WIFI on Pixel 3 keeps turning on and off My WIFI keeps turning off after being connected for about 5-7 seconds, then it stays off for 2-3 sec…
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Wifi Connection Hi, Since I upgraded my Pixel 2 XL to Android 10 my 5G wifi has issues staying connected and I am on…
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The WiFi on my Pixel XL won't turn on. How can I diagnose this? Yesterday my Pixel XL would not connect to WiFi and bluetooth was crashing constantly. Resetting the… Android 10 update breaks internet access (wifi/sim) on pixel 3 Hi, After upgrading to android 10 on my pixel 3 I randomly loose internet access over wifi and SIM d…
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Pixel 2/2 XL can use eSIM in Android 10 ? (Non-Google Fi) Android Q Beta 6 can add eSIM (I guess), but Android 10 official does not have to add eSIM. I suspec… is pixel 3xl compatible with samsung gear s3 smart watch is pixel 3xl compatible with samsung gear s3 smart watch
0 Recommended Answers 10 Replies 4 Upvotes
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