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Updated: Yesterday
How do we set up Sim Free Google Fi service or is Gookle Joking Us? I am trying to set up the Google Pixel 3a XL SIM Free, so can we really connect to a wireless servic…
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Google voice not working with speaker or Bluetooth. Issue with Pixel 2XL only. With the latest Google voice update the speaker and Bluetooth stopped working. Issue with Pixel 2XL … Pixel 2 says "Connected No Internet" on wifi My wife's Pixel 2 stopped connecting to the internet through our home wifi. Our home wifi has two de…
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CaptivePortalLogin keeps stopping since June security update Since the June security update was installed on my Pixel 2, I have been unable to use public WiFi ne…
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Does Google Sell a Pixel that is Unlocked outside of an account? I stumbled across an issue today, where our Internet service was interrupted, when my new Pixel came…
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Pixel 2 XL Does not support Airtel Volte Its been more than a year i am using Pixel 2XL. I have Airtel 4G enabled sim card i am not able to u… When I try to connect to public WiFi I receive a connectivity.gstatic.com error. Connectivity.gstatic.com white screen that pops up when I try to connect to public WiFi. Cleared cac…
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usb c port not working My USB-C port is not working. It charges the phone, but if I plug the earphones music still sounds i… no signal after update After the most recent Andoird 9 security patch (5th April) I no longer recieve any singal or mobile …
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Where can we suggest features for the upcoming pixel 4? Google add dual SIM capability!!!!! Google look at OnePlus how they use dual SIM capability. All pixel phones should have that. My true connect ear buds keeps either skipping or stopping, new buds. Play Ear buds, will not play with Samsung s7or Huawei p sport, same network, will play a different n…
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Captiveportallogin crashes when connecting to WiFi networks. When trying to connect to a WiFi network with a login page "captiveportallogin" crashes and shows an…
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