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Using pixel 3a wth android10 Nov. Security patch still i didn't receive camera7.2 update via G-play Iam running latest Android 10 with November patch 7days back only Google pushed the latest version o…
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Pixel 4 XL - HEVC option not showing in Camera settings. The option to save videos in HEVC is not present on my Pixel 4 XL camera settings. Everything is up …
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There are blue and green dots when I am taking photo or video at night sight mode. Can someone suggest. I am getting blue and green dots while taking photo or video at night sight.
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My favourite feature on my pixel 3, the photobooth option on the camera, has disappeared? I want to use the photobooth feature but it had disappeared.
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Pixel3 camera abnormal "click" noise sound My pixel3 camera got an abnormal "click" sound when focusing, and the "click" directly cause my imag… Why Can't I Trim a Video on the H.265 Codec? Google Camera and Google Photo latest version! 1. H.264 2. H.265
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Video recording splits into a new clip after 22:14. Is there a way to fix this? Hey all. When I take a video longer than 22 minutes and 14 seconds, the clip splits and a new clip b… White balance in the camera app is missing after updating to Android 10 on google pixel 2 please bring it back.
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