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My Pixel 3 camera keeps having focus issues in the camera app. The image will appear to take a long time to lock focus with the focus oscillating on the screen. It also takes a lot longer to capture HDR images and Night shots compared to my partners Pixel Xl2 Take picture quickly with the camera app.
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Photos not showing in Photo app Hello - I'm having an issue where some pictures are not showing up in the google photos app or photo… Pixel photos taken in camera not showing in photos app Whenever I take a picture in the camera, I can see the image take and it appears in the preview icon… Pixel one suddenly taking blurry pictures. Won't focus. i have tried everything suggested by Google help, start to finish. have been in touch with support. …
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Knpa Kamera depan Teman saya tdk bisa di Pakai ?Sdh di Reset beberapa kali .Tetap juga gk bisa 🙏 Sdh di Root bberapa kali, Tetap jga gk bisa. M.
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camera not working suddely today my camera app stopped working. my app starts and closes immediately. i tried clearing …
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Camera autofocus stuttering? Hello there! I have recently noticed an issue with my Pixel 3 camera where the focus will "stutter" …
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My pixel takes live photo with no sound with motion on. Anyone knows how to turn the sound back? Check all the settings already. My camera app has a black spot when in regular camera mode but not any other mode, what do I do? Cleaning the lenses. Restarting.
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Pixel 3 Camera is jumpy, glitchy. I have noticed that my rear videos my Pixel shoots are jumpy and glitchy. You can hear the lens maki…
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Missing depth option in google photos I want to edit the depth on my photos. I've read to do that you need to click twice on the edit butt…
Introducing Time Lapse Hey Pixel fans, The long-awaited Time Lapse feature is now available to all Pixel devices running Go…
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Uploading slow motion videos to social mddia Just got my pixel 3 but... After editing a slow motion video and choosing which bits I want in the s…
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Audio recording is not working while recording video on Pixel 2 XL I've checked basic settings on my camera and everything is fine even if i record video with external… Front facing camera crashes I have tried all the troubleshooting tips, and have reset the phone with Google only apps and the ca… Strong camera issue. Image distortion and shaking videos. After I quit Android Q beta 2 version and restored official Android I'm noticing rear camera issue- …
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my pixel 2 camera says encountered a camera fatal error 4 days back my pixel 2 back camera suddenly stopped working it says camera encountered a fatal error…
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