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Updated: Yesterday
camera not working suddely today my camera app stopped working. my app starts and closes immediately. i tried clearing …
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Frustrating Issue with Pixel 2XL Camera Hi, a few weeks back the camera on my Pixel 2XL stopped working, the app closes instantly and on the…
0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 0 Upvotes
Camera Shooting JPG + RAW - but RAW copies from last 5 days missing? Title summarizes it pretty well. I'm traveling internationally at the moment, and I like to shoot in…
0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 1 Upvote
Camera app update fail - Haven't been able to use the camera of my Google Pixel XL 2 for days I bought this phone because of the camera, 1 year later they made an update on the camera app and it…
0 Recommended Answers 28 Replies 68 Upvotes
I received my pixel 3 without the glass protection of rear camera. Hello Google Support, I received my phone (Google Pixel 3, awesome phone ) without the protection gl…
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Camera flickering waves my camera is showing these flickering waves every time I try to take a picture or a video. It's not … Pixel 2 XL with android 10 camera autofocus issues Post installing Android 10 on my Pixel 2 XL I have noticed my camera app isn't auto focussing on nea… Android 10 broke my phone Android 10 has destroyed my pixel phone. DO NOT UPGRADE!!!!!! I no longer have the ability to downlo…
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