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How large is this issue of the battery life being degraded to only 40-50% and the phone shuts down. The phone will not turn back on until you plug it into a charger. At which point you can turn it back on within 30 seconds and it will have a charge around 55-60%. So we know that its not a battery issue.

I was told I can buy a new Pixel 3 if I like. Why would I buy any other device from Google when this is my 4th Pixel Xl 128. Yes that many replacements. I'm kinda a sucker so I was looking at the Sept. Release of the new one till this happened after the last update. Now looks like Samsung here I come.
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I'm experiencing similar problems - have gone through all troubleshooting steps - published online by Google support, as well as recommended by a Google HW support technician, including but not limited to:
  • Reboot
  • Install latest updates (was already on the latest update)
  • Check battery usage report for apps draining the battery (there were none, and the report did not add up to the amount of battery drain)
  • Reboot in safe mode, to disable all 3rd-party apps
  • Factory Reset
None of these resolved or mitigated the problem.  Furthermore, on occasion, after the device dies and I plug it in and power back on, there will be a drastic change in the reported battery level - i.e. 59% prior to dying, 8% when powering it back on.  I can then reboot it again and it will report 68%.

High-drain apps - such as the camera - will often cause the device to die at even higher battery percentages - the problem started manifesting as dying at ~30% - but now it will sometimes die at 70%.

The only option left that Google has offered is to take my device to a certified repair center and pay them to diagnose/fix it - which means they'll take one look and charge me for a battery replacement.
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I've got the same issue (I've got a Pixel XL 128, too). Initially thought it was my battery, so I got a warranty replacement. Same issue. I've chalked it up to Google using planned obsolescence to make our OG Pixels useless and force us to use the newest pixels. It all started with Android Pi.

I'd hold off on switching to Galaxy unless it's absolutely necessary for you to get a new phone. I'd wait for Android Q to come out and see if it fixes any major battery issues (which I think is unlikely), and then make your decision based off that. If it doesn't fix the battery issues, I'm definitely converting back to Galaxy.

The only thing I think would help is reverting your phone back to Oreo, but I hear that's not as easy as it sounds. There's a lot of technical aspects I don't understand to make that work for me. Let me know if you figure anything else out. I'm in the same boat
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I'm having the exact same issues. So far I've talked to Verizon technical support twice (they're my carrier and I purchased my phone with them) and google tech support directly. No one has given me any sort of satisfactory answer and no one seems to think it's a big deal. The general consensus seems to be, "too bad for you" which is a really awful answer for something that is pretty unacceptable in my mind. I had been thinking I'd wait until the pixel 4 came out and upgrade then, but I'm very much considering switching manufacturers if this is how Google is going to handle problems like this.
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Same problem here. Worked fine before upgrading to the latest OS. How on Earth do we get Google to pay attention to this issue where their flagship phone is now useless to thousands of customers? It is OBVIOUSLY bad code in their latest OS upgrade. We all need a fix ASAP.
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