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Hello there!

I have recently noticed an issue with my Pixel 3 camera where the focus will "stutter" repeatedly while I'm framing a shot or taking a video. The behavior is most obvious whenever I shift focal distance in a significant way, but can be seen happening every few seconds otherwise. It seems like something is wrong with the autofocus or one of the supporting sensors.

An example of this odd behavior can be seen here at 0:05.

Any idea what might have caused this? Did I inadvertently rough up some of the internals recently via a small drop or something and now something's out of balance inside the phone?

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I'm having the same issue with my Pixel 3. I've tried following the guide 

and going through all the steps. It appears that the laser diode on the backside beside the camera that has gone bad, since it appears unrelated to all the software fixes. Moreover, the front facing camera has no focusing issue. I'm looking around for warranty support on the google websites now.
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i agree on following the link Daniel Foster gave.
I am on step 3 and will test it out. So far it has not glitched like your phone as of now.
Will update.
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i had the same problem since the last update.
only in the camera app at the payground tool it works fine.
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I replaced two pixel devices because of that. The first one was the back camera and the second one the front facing camera. The third device is starting to do the same and honestly I don't know if I want to stay with pixel 3 anymore. Either I'll upgrade to pixel4 or go to a different device. 
The support will tell you to clear cache, check for updates and finally reset device. I did all three and issue persisted. So they replaced my device since I was under the warranty of replacement. Check with support
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