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Anyone else experiencing Bluetooth issues on Pixel XL after Android 10 update? 0 Recommended Answers 47 Replies 182 Upvotes
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After the Android 10 update my Pixel XL has intermittent Bluetooth issues. It will think it is still connected to the car Bluetooth after the car has been turned off for example and it will not connect to any other Bluetooth device unless the phone is restarted. Turning the Bluetooth off and on again does not help with the issue. 
When the issue occurs it does not matter if i turn the Bluetooth off and on again. It will still think it is connected to a previously connected device. 
It was all smooth sailing before the Android 10 update. Never has an issue with Bluetooth. 

Anyone else experience this or has a solution?
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I'm experiencing the same phenomenon with my Pixel XL after the Android 10 update.  Haven't found a remedy, yet.
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Same here -- some bluetooth devices that were working flawlessly can no longer connect.   Evan after reboots/forget.
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There are a few things you can try. First I would suggest deleting the pairing from your Pixel and either factory resetting your bluetooth device, or in the case of something like a car stereo, removing the Pixel from your cars paired devices list, and pairing again from scratch. It's also a good idea to make sure your bluetooth device is on the latest available firmware from the manufacturer as that will sometimes remedy connection problems.
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Bluetooth is not reliable after update, almost 90% of time if I command Google Home to connect it just died while speaking Bluetooth is connected to..., I tried Pixel support, remote assistance just waste of time. They treat you like stupid a like close app, clear cache and data, uninstall updates, reinstall update for app, noting works
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And last but not least sometimes Bluetooth is connected but no sound, in volume section the device his selected as Bluetooth for playback
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Yup, same issues as above.... wont discover new devices and flaky with existing... very disappointing...
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Pixel 2XL here with major issues too. Very flaky with existing connections even after deleting connections on both devices (phone and car), rebooting, and then reconfiguring the pairing. Issues have been terrible since Android 10 update. Even tried tweaking Bluetooth things in developer settings with no luck.
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Pixel 3 XL with another Bluetooth issue.   When connected to my truck I have no notifications, calls, Google map directions etc through the speakers unless media is playing.  So unless I'm streaming music I won't have any other audio from my phone.  Didn't have the issue until the latest update.   Restarted, reconnected, cleared cache..normal stuff with no help.  Confirmed driving mode is off thinking that may be why.
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As with others, when using bluetooth for speakers, it's fine. However it doesn't work for phone calls  on my Pixel 3 XL. Neither party can hear the other. I tried to forget connections but they always get re-established automatically. The problem occurs on my Android Auto as well as on my headset. I can only make calls with bluetooth disconnected.
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Hello everyone.

I have been driven mad by this issue, and have taken the time to go through the internet and compile some workarounds as well as what appears to a permanent fix.

Update 3/26/20 - as of now, my Pixel 3XL has not had any Bluetooth crashing issues for the past few weeks. Looks like the 2/1/20 Google play system update finally patched the bug for good.

The problem
Back in December 2019, Google released the Android 10 update, as well as some security updates. Along with the Android OS version update itself, there was also a Google Play system update that was supposed to be installed together, but for many devices including my own this was not done properly. It appears that these two updates need to be done together, and I believe that if your phone has Android 10 + the latest security update installed, but does not have the latest Google Play system update version installed (the one from February 1, 2020), then you will get the infamous continuous Bluetooth crashes that have been plaguing us all.

The (Permanent) Fix. all credits go to Reddit user Codice87 in his post here:
  1. Check your Google Play system update version in Settings -> About Phone -> Android Version -> Google Play system update. The latest version is Feburary 1, 2020. I originally had the update from August 2019 when I saw the Bluetooth issues, so if you have that version (or likely anything other than the latest) you need to update it. If you need to update,
  2. Reset WiFi/Bluetooth. Go to Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Reset options -> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth -> Reset Settings
  3. Clear Google Play Store cache and storage. Find the Google Play Store app,  press and hold on it, press the (i) button to open App Info -> Storage & cache -> Clear Storage.
  4. Update Google Play system. go to Settings -> About Phone -> Android Version -> Google Play system update.
  5. After installing the update, restart the phone to apply the settings. 
I ran into a lot of trouble getting the update to actually apply (attempted around 5x). The phone would download the update, but needs to restart to apply it. However, when restarting I would find that the update didn't apply and that Bluetooth would keep crashing. People on the original Reddit post stated it worked for them, I ended up doing a Factory reset on my phone and then was able to get the update to apply after several attempts. I would make sure to clear the wifi/bluetooth/mobile settings and the google play store cache if you have trouble installing the update. If you run into issues and decide to do a factory reset, make sure you back up your phone's data and specifically text messages. I had my phone backed up to Google Drive, but still lost my old texts because they are not saved by default.

After I got the update to finally apply, I restarted my Pixel 3XL and found that Bluetooth did not crash on launch. However, turning it (or Wi-Fi) on would not work, and cause the same crashing issues as before. It was only after I turned the phone off and let it charge overnight (8 hours) that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned back on. Hopefully you will end up with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi fully working again, but at the very least the phone should no longer get continuous Bluetooth crashes when you turn on the phone.

Known workarounds
As many people have posted by now, to stop the continuous Bluetooth crashes that occur, you have to disable Bluetooth scanning in Settings -> Location -> Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning -> disable Bluetooth scanning. You may need to toggle this setting on and off several times, and it may take a few seconds before the Bluetooth crashes stop. This won't fix the fact that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi don't work, but at least your phone will be usable.

Along with this, many people have also found that shutting their phone off and charging overnight would sometimes temporarily fix the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems, allowing them to be turned on for a while (up to several hours) before they stopped working again. Above, I was finally able to get my Bluetooth and Wi-Fi permanently fixed after doing this.

This is clearly bug, hoping Google comes out with an official fix soon.
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