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Pixel Xl Charging Issue

Hi all. I'm having an issue with my google pixel xl. I'm using the charging cable and block that came with the phone. I plugged it in and it made the connection charging sound, but then disconnected. It kept doing this over and over. I have a portable charger, so I got the usb-c to usb connector and plugged it in and didn't have the issue? Anyone else having an issue? Any help would be appreciated.
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I had this issue as well and turns out it was a defective USB-C to USB-C cable that came with the phone. I had to unplug it and wiggle it side to side in order for me to get it charging completely. Also, i had no issue with my USB-C to USB-A cable so I pretty sure that my USB-C to USB-C was a faulty one. I would suggest you to try out other USB-C to USB-C cable that's not from Google to charge your phone and see if this persists.

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Hi Demonology101,

Welcome to the Pixel User Community.

It's unfortunate that you're having this issue. Let us try few troubleshooting steps which may help you fix it:
  • Check for loose USB charging port on your device.
  • Clean the device and power adapter, then try to charge. Blow into the charging port of your device to remove any loose lint or dust. After you blow inside, look inside to see if there are any chunks of lint or anything else that you might need to dig out in order for the device to charge properly.
  • Try charging through a computer using the USB cable.
  • Try using the same USB cable and adapter to charge another device, such as different phone or tablet or even a Bluetooth device.
  • For testing purposes, try charging your main device with the same USB cable but using a different charging adapter.
  • For testing purposes, try charging your main device with the main charging adapter, but using a different USB cable.

Keep me posted.



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Thanks for the replies. I had that issue just the once and hasn't happened again. I will post back next time it does.
Google user
Google user
Hello, I bought my pixel two days ago and charged it last night using the USB-C to USB-C Cable and Charger that came with the phone without any problems.  Then, I tried charging my phone tonight and tried the suggestions above (except the troubleshooting/testing steps that require charging another device or using the same cable with another charger because this is my only USB-C to USB-C cable and USB-C Charger).  I just tried using the USB to USB-C that came with the phone with another 2A charger that I have and it started charging just fine.  The USB-C to USB-C cable and charger ports are all free and clear (I have only had them for two days).

So based on this, it seems like it is either the cable, the charger, or the phone does not actually being charged at 18W using the charger that comes with it.

Either way, any idea how I get to the bottom of this?  I have a couple videos I could share showing the Pixel cycling saying "low battery..." and just for a quick moment a lightning bolt through the battery then repeating endlessly (I took a couple videos I can post if it helps)
Corey Sue
Corey Sue
I am beginning to notice a pattern with the included usb-c (to usb-c) cable and charging brick. Sometimes plugging in the Pixel it recognizes there's a power source and begins charging right away. I can see it in the battery icon on the notification bar or clicking on the battery menu. Other times, the phone is oblivious to the included usb-c cable being plugged in. This results in the phone not charging at all or indicating it is charging. Originally I thought my cable and charging brick became defective after 1-2 days of use. Thinking this was an odd coincidence I came across a posting in conducting a search for a solution. It was suggested you restart your phone. Sure enough after a restart, the phone recognizes the cable is plugged in and charges normally. Even as I type I found the Pixel not recognizing the charging cable and I just fixed it by rebooting. This should not be normal where you have to restart your phone. I have just upgraded from a Nexus 5 phone and it was one of the most stable phones I ever used.

It seems as the phone is used during the day(s) and flipping through various apps, the hardware/software loses the connection to the usb-c port on the phone? Other things I have tried include using the 2nd included cable with the included charging brick, it will sometimes recognize or not the phone is plugged in. What does seem to be consistently work for charging the Pixel is using my other usb charging bricks (i.e. those that were compatible with my Nexus 5, output ranging from 1A-2A), a micro usb cable with micro usb to usb-c adapter. In other words, I seem to be experiencing the most charging issues when the cable used is usb-c to usb-c. And those would be the 2 set of cables included with our Pixel phone.

How can I file a support ticket to Google to investigate this charging problem?

Happy new owner of the Pixel XL (silver, 128gb),
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Breckon Carter
Breckon Carter
anyone know what this means
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