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Andrew Seich

Pixel 3 camera hardware is crashing when used by any app other than the "Camera" app.

---Update: 11/20/2018---
This is starting to get some traction with the news sites, so I wanted to put some information on what I'm calling the "Blinding Bug" up at the top of the thread.  Currently, the bug is believed to be caused by a firmware glitch, based on bug logs pulled by "Owen Williams1", which appear to indicate that the camera is getting stuck in a locked state to possibly the "Google Camera" app.  Once the firmware gets stuck, it will fully crash if any application other than "Google Camera" attempts to access it.  Rebooting the phone clears the crash, but it remains in this bugged state, and will always crash again.  This affects every app that directly accesses the camera, including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram/Snapchat, and banking apps that feature mobile depositing.

However, it should be noted that none of this has been confirmed by Google.  Further, while we the users have a suspicions of what the blinding bug might be, we don't know what sets it up.  I myself have had success so far with an RMA'd device, as have others, but people are having spotty luck actually getting these RMAs.

The more people seem to try to get into it with Google, the better luck they have.  That said, Google is officially stating that a fix is coming, but no real timeline has been publicly given.

If you have come to this thread looking for answers, the best we can say at this time is to keep knocking on Google until you get an RMA, and detail your experience with the blinding bug below.  The more information that we can gather in one place, but better off we will all be.

Thank you!


Issue:  When any app other than the "Camera" app attempts to access the camera hardware, the camera itself becomes entirely unresponsive.  From this point on, the camera cannot be accessed by any application, including the "Camera" app.

Limitations Caused:  Apps that need to access the camera, but cannot pull images from the gallery, effectively lose all camera related functions.  This includes video calling, and quick picture sharing apps that do not rely on the "Camera" app.

1.)  Avoid using any camera functions in all apps.
2.)  Only use the "Camera" app to take pictures.
3.)  If a camera function is accidentally accessed outside of the "Camera" app, immediately reboot the phone to restore camera access to the "Camera" app.

Is anyone else having this issue?
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Andrew Seich
I spoke with Google tech support.  I can confirm that neither Safe Mode or a Factory Reset fix the problem.  The issue is either in the Android OS or in the hardware, somehow.
David Jodeit
David Jodeit
I have the exact same issue. Mine started sometime yesterday afternoon.
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Andrew Seich
I ended up going through 4 Google techs, multiple share screen demonstrations, and a full device factory reset.  I've got a replacement device on the way now.
Owen Williams1
Owen Williams1
Holy wow, I have the exact same bug but didn't find anything until just now. This seems to be software related, given that it's only triggered by allowing a third party app access. I've had to disable everything except the camera and it's super reliable now, but it's a really frustrating issue.
David Jodeit
David Jodeit
For now I'm going to wait for the upcoming camera update that fixes the not saving every picture issue. Hopefully that will also fix this issue. Otherwise I'll have to go for a hardware replacement also.
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Fabian Baumann
Fabian Baumann
Dear all

I have the same issue too...

The camera will crash as soon as a 3rd party app tries to open the camera.
I tried to update the phone etc. Nothing helps
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