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Pixel Default Notifcation Sound overriding App Nofication Sound

The default notification sound for Google Pixel overrides some of my other app sounds.  How do I fix that?  

For Example, I have the default messaging for texts and inside that app, I have chosen "Flick" as the sound so that when I hear that, I will know that I am getting a text message.  However, the default sound on my Pixel is set to "Chime".  When I test this, I always get the noise for Chime instead of Flick.  When looking up an answer online or help on my phone, it says just to change the app sound within the app settings - Which i have ALREADY done! 

Thanks in advance!
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Rachael - Community Specialist
Hi MeganR7,

Welcome to the Pixel User Community.

For the issue that you are facing with the default notification sound overriding app notification sound, there could be various reasons causing this problem. To help narrow down the issue, I’d suggest you try the below mentioned troubleshooting steps which might help in improving your device performance:
  1. Restart your device to give it a fresh start.

  2. Try rebooting your phone in safe mode to test if one of the third party apps is causing this issues. If you don't experience the issues while in safe mode that's a good indication that an app you've installed recently is the source of your issue.

Let me know how that goes.

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The issue seems to only arise with the blue default Android Messaging App that was already installed on the phone.

Here are the steps I have now taken:
1. Went into safe mode and had someone send me texts.  The sound was still the default sound of the Pixel instead of the Messaging App Sound.

2. Uninstalled the updates (you can't completely uninstall this app). Cleared data and cache. Still no change in sound.

3. REinstalled updates to the app. Made no difference

4. Changed default Pixel notification sound to another noise to make sure it WAS the sound overriding my texts. Yes, the new default sound chosen was still the sound that is overriding the messaging app sound.

5. Tested Facebook and Facebook messenger app and those Correctly use the sounds I chose within the app.  Seems to be only the blue default android messenger that is not working properly.

6. My husband, who has the same exact Pixel phone bought at the same time, with the same 8.0.0 Oreo on it, went into his blue Androi messaging app, and chose the same sound I did - "flick" - and made sure his Pixel Default sound was something else.  I then sent him a text, and the "flick" sound came up for hte notification.  So his seems to work correctly.  Mine, on the other hand, will not change.
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Nikhil Rastogi
What you're experiencing is a side effect (not intended, I hope) of notification channels being implemented in the Messages app.
Suppose you have a particular notification sound set as the default notification sound in phone settings. Then, every new conversation you have in the Messages app will create a notification channel for that conversation, so that you can edit it's properties (sounds, vibration) independently of any other conversation. The sound by default is set as the same one in phone's settings. As a result, whenever you change the default notification sound from settings, it's effects are reflected correctly in Messages app.
That is, until you try to change notification sound from inside Messages app.
When you tap 'Notifications' in Messages app's settings, it takes you to the settings for the 'Default' category, which is the initial category for any new conversation that is created in Messages app. (For example if you receive a message from someone for the first time). You edit the sound for that category, and expect that all the existing conversations should reflect the change, but they do not, because for those conversations' notification channels, the sound is still set as the default notification sound. Only the new conversations that will be created in the app will have the sound that you set from within Messages app.
Now, coming to the solution. First, clear cache and data for Messages app by long pressing on icon, tapping 'i', tapping Storage, and then tapping clear cache and clear data. This will not delete any of your existing conversations.
Then, open Messages app, and change notification sound via in app setting, just like you did before. Now all the existing conversations as well as any new conversations that are created will use this notification sound, rather than the default one set in phone's settings.
Remember, in future, if you want the changed notification sound through Messages app to be reflected in all conversations, first clear data for the app, and then set the sound. I realize this is not ideal, but this is the only workaround till developers code the app such that all old notification channels also follow the newly set notification sound.
Finally, don't forget to send feedback about this from within the app, so that developers can take note of this. :)
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Thanks! It is FINALLY fixed!
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Nikhil Rastogi
You're welcome Megan! :)
John Tanzini
John Tanzini
I know this forum is for pixel users but this might help people who are still having a problem. On my Nexus 5X with Android 8, I had to first change my default notification sound to the one I wanted all my text messages to use. Then I cleared the messaging app data and cache. Then I changed the default notification sound back to the original. After that, all existing threads had the sound I wanted.
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