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Pixel 2 high pitch frequency sound and clicking

****Update 10/27/17: I have received two phones white and black both RMA replacements and I am extremely happy to report they do NOT have either issue. I have an observation to make though regarding the high pitch sound and also why Google may not be approaching this the way we expect. The replacements do have a very very very very faint sound if you put your ear up to the phone. It is so quiet that you would need a dead silent room to hear it. I suspect this is what Google engineers think is going on with our devices and also why the response is lackluster. I will extend an olive branch to Google and admit, I would not replace the phones either if they are just like my new RMA phone. BUT! The issues these users are describing regarding the electronic noise is enough to hear in any area during every call. This is not something you can tune out. I wish you all the best and please let me know if I can help in some way. I don't want to walk away from this knowing how it feels to have that static/issue.****

Pixel 2 high pitch frequency sound and clicking when the screen is on and unlocked with ear up to the device like you are on a phone call.

This also happens after a reboot, safe mode, airplane mode, and factory reset. 

I purchased two Pixel 2 phones both have the high-frequency noise but only one has the clicking.

Another user confirmed this issue in the Pixel 2 subforum on XDA. 

There is also another report of clicking from a reviewer as seen in the link below.

Also, I did my best to record the high-frequency sound and clicking. This test all I did was lay a microphone over the part where you put it up to your ear and unlocked the phone. Nothing else.

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I have the clicking problem also - whenever the phone is unlocked, I can hear a constant ticking (like the second hand of a watch) if the phone is against my ear. Doesn't happen when the screen is off, or when the screen is on but the phone is locked.
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Brian Fitzpatrick.

I'm going to escalate your post to see if we can get some additional information on the device behavior that you are describing.

Stay tuned.


I am also experiencing this issue. Constant clicking noise is audible whenever the phone is next to my ear. Does not occur when the screen is off or locked.
Google user
Google user
Experiencing high pitched whirling noises when phone is up to ear in calls. Also during normal use can put phone up to my ear and hear the noise
Astro Derpy
Astro Derpy
I'm having the same problem. Called Google customer support this morning and they asked me to run in safe mode to troubleshoot. I still hear the clicking noise.
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Mouad Mechou
Mouad Mechou
I have the same problem in my Pixel 3! Knowing it has been detected in pixel 2 and reproduced in my pixel 3 makes me wonder about how Google manages its "lessons learnt" program!
Is there a software update in the pipes for pixel 3 as well?
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