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Matt Schlosser

Android 8.1 Issues

A few issues I have noticed on Android 8.1
When swiping up to unlock from the lock screen, I have to swipe all the way up to the top of the screen. Otherwise, it does not prompt for the pin but just bounces the notifications. I don't remember having to swipe so far before. A short swipe up sometimes works but I have to try 3 or 4 times before it recognizes what I am trying to do.
The mobile data switch in quick settings now has a dialog to confirm whether I actually want to turn off my data. I find this annoying.
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Yogi Baba
Yogi Baba
After updating to Oreo 8.1, my Android OS crashed and had to factory reset my phone from bootloader. Seems like this update is not free from bugs.
Matteo Ventura
Matteo Ventura
As I reported into another thread, I found this issue:
I just received the OTA of 8.1 on my 2016 Pixel XL and I noticed that it killed the always on Ok Google.
If the device is locked and in standby, the keyword will wake up the device but will not unlock it: the pin number will prompt you to type it in to first unlock the phone, only then Assistant will open.
I already tried to reboot, deactivate the always on setting and re-activate it, delete the voice model and train it again, and cancel the Google app data.
Nothing for now fixed it.
I also wanted to check if maybe there was any options related to this under Smart Lock in Settings, but when I got there, it's completely blank (no trusted places, no trusted voice, no trusted BT device, etc...), as you can see:
Just before the 8.1 update, everything was working perfectly fine.
I also read that some other people experienced this bug on 8.1 DP2 (on Nexus 6P).
Is anybody facing any of these problems (blank/empty Smart Lock settings page, and Ok Google not unlocking the phone) ?
Expert - Top Contributor
Hi Yogi,

How did you update your phone? Did you wait for the OTA? What model of Pixel is it?

- Mike
Yogi Baba
Yogi Baba
I got OTA update.
Yogi Baba
Yogi Baba
Its, pixel 1st Gen
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22 hr
Having the same swipe issues. I miss more than half of the calls I receive because it does not register the swipe. I'm using a Pixel 2 from the Google Store on Project Fi running Android 8.1.0. 


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