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Pixel 2 random reboots

Day 1 of using the Black Pixel 2 and random reboots occurred.After using it a few days, the reboots seem to only happen when I am connected to cellular data only. Factory reset did not work. Installed apps should not affect it either since I am using all the SAME apps as I did on Nexus 5x, I just transferred everything via cable.
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Ruben- Welcome to the Pixel User Community. I haven't seen any reboot posts before this one. I will suggest to try a trip to safe mode and see if it is a 3rd party app acting up on you. If that doesn't work, you will want to contact support or Verizon whoever you bought from.
A few people have reported this on xda about the 2 xl. LG makes this version and they unfortunately have a history that hopefully is not repeating.
Seamus Gearin
Seamus Gearin
This has happened to both my girlfriend and I with our Pixel 2s. I contacted support and they suggested the safe mode thing. I left it on for about 4 hours but wanted to use my phone (apparently Inbox is a third-party app).
It happened to both of us while on cellular data as well. I noticed that the phone had checked for a software update around the same time as mine rebooted. I wasn't even using it at the time.
It's happened only once to both of us, but not comforting. Hopefully, it's a simple software fix.
I received my 2 XL today and fresh out of the box it was rebooting itself.  I unboxed and went through the setup process, choosing to set up as new.  As soon as I was signed in to my Google account and it started updating apps the phone rebooted.  I have witnessed it restart at least five times in the past two hours.  The first two were before I added a single app or setup any accounts (other than the Google account that's required as part of setup).
David Rurka
David Rurka
My wife and I each have the black Pixel 2 and have experienced 2 reboots each. (1 per day since getting it so far) We intentionally switched the XL to avoid issues but it seems we found some regardless. 
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Dianne Townsend
Dianne Townsend
In dire need of some help! We got new phones and his number is on my phone and my on his. How do I fix this???????????
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