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Certain apps on Pixel 3 not connecting to internet on home WiFi

In short, there are certain apps (Netflix, Amazon Shopping, Amazon Music, to name a few) that won't access the internet when connected to my home wifi. 

So far I've:

- Removed and re-added the wireless network. 
- Reset network settings
- Factory reset the phone
- Restarted my modem/router and AP's
- Checked to make sure that IPV6 wasn't enabled on my router because that seemed to fix some other Android P related wifi issues.
- Since I use AP's for wireless, not my ISP's router, I turn wifi on directly at the router and connected the phone to it but still had the same issues.
- Shockingly (not) the ISP (Frontier) isn't any help and I don't have another choice.

The main things that make me think it's network or ISP related is 1) when I'm on public wifi or wifi at work, everything operates normally and 2) if while connected to my home wifi I enable my Private Internet Access VPN the apps I mentioned work normally.

I realize it sounds like an ISP or network issue but the problems are also specific to my Pixel, the S7 Edge it's meant to replace doesn't have any of these issues. I don't have a clue how to further troubleshoot the issue. So if anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate it.
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I am having the same issues with apps over WiFi. I upgraded my Nexus 6P with the Pixel 3 XL. The same version apps work as expected on the Nexus on the same network.
I was able to get Netflix to work by downgrading manually to a much earlier version.
I suggest reaching out to the ISP to see what they have to say for themselves 
Jürgen Hadwiger
Jürgen Hadwiger
I have the same problems at home with my wifi connection. All other devices (Honor 8, Xiaomi Mi A1, Honor 6x) working fine, but my Pixel 3 dont show anything in Netflix and while browsing some sites, they are not reachable -> 408 request time out. I tap a link an nothing happens or downloads in the Play Store are outstanding. When i switch in this situation from wifi to LTE -> everything works fine. Netflix loads and websites working.
I did some pings from my Pixel 3 connected via wifi to some sites -> i have massive paket losses (look screenshot). Via LTE i dont have this.
All other phones at home with ping to the same sites dont have paket losses.....i think, there is something wrong with the wifi
I have exactly the same issue, and I've just noticed something.
If I have a picture-in-picture view of Tinycam Pro (eg. Showing my front door), and I launch Twitter, the video stream stops and the Twitter app has the issue. If I launch a browser and use Twitter from there it's fine.
It almost seems like these apps are disconnecting the network.
I've bought a new Access Point, to see if that was the issue. A Ubiquiti Unifi NanoHD. The result, no difference... all devices other than the Pixel 3s work, including Netflix, Amazon, etc apps.
Maybe there's something I can tweak on our EdgeRouter X, but since all other devices work fine, there's got to be something wrong with the phones, surely?
I can post my EdgeRouter/Unifi Controller config somewhere if it would be any help for debugging.
HI dsample,

i also have the edgerouter x(sfp) and got no /sporadic amazon no netflix loading,

ic also used the wizard for tcp mss clamping and set to 1452, but no chance...  by just enabling over wizard to ppoe

did u apply to all interface types ?

thansk in advance
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