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Pixel - Severe microphone issues

Received my pixel today and after a few hours of use and set up the microphone stopped working entirely, except when recording video upon which it'll record audio fine as if nothing were wrong. I factory reset the phone and the issue still persists everywhere but the camera app.

Another pixel owner is having similar microphone issues in the reddit thread linked below except that their microphone does not work at all

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Expert - Google Employee
Brian Rakowski
You should definitely contact support (through the tab in settings). If there is a problem with the mic hardware, they can help with an exchange. However, the fact that it's working some of the time suggests some other problem. In what context is the mic not working? Does it work for phone calls? Using the Assistant?
Expert - Top Contributor
Nathan K.
Also, if I may tag on to Brian's answer, have you considered using the System UI tuner status tray "headset icon" to determine if the phone thinks a headset is connected? If it is "stuck" it might behave exactly as you describe.

To enable the System UI tuner menu, swipe down on the status bar and tap-and-long-hold on the gear icon.  That will enable the System UI tuner menu in Settings. Then go into that menu and enable the "Headset" toggle. If you see a "headphone with jaw-mic" in your status bar, bingo, you've found your problem.

It may not be a fix, but maybe this can help isolate the issue. If not, definitely follow Brian's advice to contact support. If you are concerned about getting a replacement, don't worry -- Google keeps a special amount of stock set aside for people who have hiccups, so you'll be taken care of ASAP!

Original Poster
Doesn't work with assistant or a standard phone call however it works fine with speaker phone which is certainly strange
Expert - Google Employee
Orrin - Community Manager
Hey Joseph,

I'm going to reach out to your privately for a bug report, so the team can look more into this issue. Be on the lookout for my email within the next few minutes.

I'm the user that posted the Reddit thread linked in the original post.  I'd be happy to provide any information I can to help you guys diagnose this issue.  My replacement is arriving today, so I will likely only have the "problematic" unit until Monday, so you'll need to contact me with what you need before then.
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Expert - Google Employee
Orrin - Community Manager
Hey All,

We have been reading through all of your comments and feedback, and really appreciate you sharing your experiences here. 

For those that might be landing on this thread for the first time (and for those already here), please refer to the Best Answer at the top of this thread that contains the correct and up-to-date information. You can take a look there for additional info and next steps. I am going to lock this thread for now, to make sure you all are getting the most relevant information, but we will post here with any other future updates. If your issue is not related the microphone issues explained in this thread, please create a new thread, and we'd be happy to help out.




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