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Fix "Unplug charger" or "Liquid or debris" message

If your phone’s USB-C port or charging cable heats up too much, or if your phone senses liquid or debris in its USB-C port, you’ll get a message that says either:
  • “Unplug charger”
  • “Liquid or debris in USB port”

Step 1: Unplug charger & headphones

Important: Be careful. The charging cable could be very warm.

If your phone is charging:

  1. Unplug the power adapter from the wall.
  2. Let your phone sit for a few minutes to cool.
  3. Disconnect the charging cable from your phone.

If you’re using USB-C headphones, remove the headphones from the USB-C port.

Step 2: Check the USB-C port & cable

Look for moisture or debris inside the USB-C port and cable. Do not put anything into them.

  • If the port or charging cable is wet, turn off your phone. Then set it on a flat surface to dry at room temperature.
  • If the port or charging cable has debris inside, gently tap it against your hand, port down, to remove.

If the USB-C port looks clean & dry

If you got the “Unplug charger” message, turn off your phone. Then let it sit for a few minutes to cool before you turn it back on.

If you got the “Liquid or debris” message, wait a few minutes until you get the message “Okay to use USB port.”

If the USB-C port looks damaged

If your phone’s USB-C port looks burned, melted, or corroded, learn how to file a warranty claim or find an authorized repair partner.

If the charging cable looks damaged

Stop using it and get a replacement cable from the Google Store.

Important: Use the cable that comes in the box with your phone.

If your phone is too hot to touch

Use a different phone, tablet, or computer to contact us.

If the message comes back, or doesn’t go away

  • “Unplug charger”: If this message shows more than once, follow the steps to contact us.
  • “Liquid or debris”: If this message shows for two hours or more, follow the steps to contact us.
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