Choose when your Pixel phone can stay unlocked

You can keep your Pixel phone unlocked in some situations, like when your phone is in your pocket or connected to another device that you use often. When you use Smart Lock, you only need to unlock once with your PIN, pattern or password. The features you can use depend on your device.


Let your phone stay unlocked

  1. Make sure that you have a screen lock. Learn how to set a screen lock.
  2. Open your phone's Settings app.
  3. Tap Security And then Advanced settings And then Smart Lock
  4. Enter your PIN, pattern or password.
  5. Pick an option and follow the on-screen steps.

When you turn on your screen after you’ve unlocked your phone, a pulsing circle around the lock Unlocked means that your phone is still unlocked. When you don't use your phone for 4 hours, and after it restarts, you'll need to unlock it.

To lock your phone again, touch and hold Lock Unlocked.

Turn off Smart Lock

  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Tap Security And then Advanced settings And then Smart Lock
  3. Enter your PIN, pattern or password.
  4. Tap On-body detection.
  5. Turn off Use On-body detection.
  6. Remove all trusted devices and trusted places. ​
  7. Optional: To turn off your screen lock, learn more about screen lock settings.

Learn about locking options

Lock your phone when Smart Lock is on

Manually keep phone locked while automatic unlock is on

  1. On your phone's lock screen, tap Unlock Screen lock.
    • If you've turned on TalkBack for accessibility, tap Unlock Screen lock, then double-tap Unlock Screen lock.
  2. Your phone will stay locked until the next time that you manually unlock it with your PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint.

Remotely lock phone with Find My Device

You can remotely lock your phone from another phone, tablet or computer. Learn how to find, lock or erase with Find My Device.

Keep your phone unlocked when it's on you

Turn On-body detection on or off

  1. In the Smart Lock menu, tap On-body detection.
  2. Turn Use On-body detection on or off.

How On-body detection works

  • After you unlock your phone, it stays unlocked as long as it senses that it’s on your body. After you put down your phone, like if you set it on a table, your phone can take up to one minute to automatically lock.
  • On some phones, On-body detection learns the pattern of your walk. If it detects a walk that's very different, it could lock your phone. If your phone locks after walking, unlock the phone and it will learn the changes in your walk.
  • After you get into a car, bus, train or other vehicle, your phone can take 5–10 minutes to lock.
    Important: When you're on an aeroplane or boat, your phone can not lock automatically. Make sure that you lock it manually if needed. Learn how to manually lock your phone.

Important: Your phone stores accelerometer data about the pattern of your walk to help determine when you're carrying your phone. When you turn off On-body detection, your phone deletes this data.

Keep your phone unlocked when it's at a trusted place

Use trusted places

Tip: Trusted places works best with Wi-Fi.

Important: Your trusted location is an estimate

Your trusted location can go out beyond the walls of your home or custom place. It can keep your phone unlocked within a radius of up to 80 metres.

Location signals can be copied or manipulated. Someone with access to specialised equipment could unlock your phone.

Stop showing notifications on your lock screen 

Turn on lockdown

Important: Lockdown will only work until you unlock your phone. If you want to keep using lockdown, turn it on each time that you want to use it.
  1. Hold the power button for a couple of seconds.
  2. Tap lockdown. This turns off notifications, fingerprint or face recognition unlocking, and Smart Lock while on your lock screen.
Keep your device unlocked when connected to a trusted device

Add a trusted Bluetooth device

  1. On your device, make sure that Bluetooth is on. Learn how to turn on Bluetooth.
  2. Open your phone's Settings app.
  3. Tap Security and then Advanced settings and then Smart Lock
  4. Tap Trusted devices and then Add trusted device.
  5. On the list of devices, tap a device.
    • You can keep your phone unlocked for longer when it's connected to a trusted device, like a Bluetooth watch or car speaker system. We recommend avoiding devices that are always with your phone, like Bluetooth keyboards or cases.
  6. Optional: To remove a Bluetooth device, tap the device that you want to remove. Then, tap Forget and then Forget device.
  7. Unlock your phone. If your phone is connected to the trusted device, it will stay unlocked.

Important: Make sure that you're secure when using trusted Bluetooth devices

It's possible that someone could keep your phone unlocked by imitating your Bluetooth connection.

If you get a notification on your phone: When your phone can't determine that you're using a secure connection, you'll get a notification. You could need to unlock your phone.

Bluetooth connectivity range can vary. Range depends on factors like your phone model, Bluetooth device and current environment. Bluetooth connectivity can be up to 100 metres. If someone takes your phone while it's near your trusted device, and if your trusted device has unlocked it, that person could access your phone.

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