Use dual Pixel Fold screens to share content

You can display content on the inner and outer screens of Pixel Fold at the same time. This feature makes it easier to show what’s on your phone, like when you translate a live conversation.

Display live translations in interpreter mode on your Pixel Fold

You can use Google Assistant on your Pixel phone to turn on interpreter mode, then show your translation to another person. Learn more about how to translate conversations with interpreter mode.

Important: To make sure that the translation is correct when you use dual screen, make sure you don't cover the microphone.

To translate through Google Assistant:

  1. Unfold your phone.
  2. Say “Hey Google” and a command, such as:
    • ”Be my Italian interpreter."
    • “How do I say ‘house’ in Spanish?”
    • “Turn on interpreter mode.” Select a language to translate to.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, tap Dual screen and then Mic .
  4. Speak in your own language. The outer screen shows a translation of what you’re saying to the other person.

To stop translations on the outer screen, you can:

  • Tap the dual screen button again
  • Switch apps
  • Close apps
  • Fold your phone

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