Access to Pinpoint

Anyone with a valid Google account has read-only access to any public collection in Pinpoint. This allows you to search, view, and download files from that collection. Additionally, you can be granted read-only access to any non-public collection by the collection owner.

In order to be able to create or modify a collection, you must have full access to Pinpoint. Those in the journalism industry and those conducting academic research may request full access to Pinpoint.

Google does not charge a fee to use Pinpoint for either read-only or full access.

Note: If you are using a Google Workspace account (that is, your Google account is part of a Google Workspace) then your administrator might restrict those accounts from accessing Pinpoint or uploading files. If your access to Pinpoint or ability to copy documents from Drive to Pinpoint is restricted, reach out to your organization administrator and ask about enabling access for you and your team. You can also share this guide with your administrator, which includes detailed instructions on how to enable Pinpoint access for your organization.

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