Add or remove People I'm Following

By adding friends to your People I'm Following list, you'll receive updates when they add new content to their public galleries. Below are instructions on how to add or remove friends from your People I'm Following list:

Add People I'm Following:

Visit a friend's public gallery, then click the Follow link under their name and profile photo. You can also check out the Suggested People to Follow page to find people you may know, like friends of friends.

When someone you're following adds new public content, you'll be notified in a Picasa Web Albums email digest and the photos will also show in the Recent Activity section of the Home tab.

Note: Following someone isn't a silent gesture. They'll receive a notification and you'll show up on their Followers page.

Remove People I'm Following:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account .
  2. Open Picasa Web .
  3. Click Following [#] people link next to the 'Recent Activity' section.
  4. Click List.
  5. Click remove user. This will also remove you from their Followers page.

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