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Slideshows, photo collages, & movies

You can create slideshows, photo collages, and videos in Picasa.

Create a slideshow
  1. Create a new album with the photos for the slideshow. Open the album.
  2. At the top, click Play Fullscreen Slideshow
  3. Set your slideshow settings.

To continuously play your slideshow:

  1. Click Tools > Options (Windows) or Picasa > Preferences (Mac).
  2. Click Slideshow.
  3. Select Loop slideshow.
Create a photo collage
  1. Select the photos for the collage.
  2. At the top, click Create Photo Collage.
  3. Use the collage creation page to control the appearance and content of your collage.
  4. Click Create Collage.

In your computer, collages are saved in "Collages," under My Pictures > Picasa (Windows) or Pictures > Picasa (Mac).

In Picasa, your Collage folder is in "Projects" (flat-folder view) or the Picasa folder (tree view).

Create a movie

You can combine your photos, videos, and music into a movie.

  1. Select photos and videos.
  2. At the top, click Create Movie Presentation.
  3. Use the Movie Maker to alter movie settings, adjust audio and transition, dimensions, add and edit text to slides, or add new photos.
  4. Click Create Movie to create the movie and upload it to YouTube.

Movies are saved on your computer in the Movies, folder under My Pictures > Picasa (Windows) or Pictures > Picasa (Mac).

In Picasa, the Movies folder is in the "Projects" collection (flat-folder view) or Picasa folder (tree view).

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